Proven Excellence: Why VONQ is Named a Strategic Leader in Talent Acquisition for the Third Consecutive Year

We’re thrilled to announce that VONQ has been named a Strategic Leader in the 2024 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition for the third consecutive year!

As the leading HR analyst in Europe, Fosway’s annual release of the 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition is a crucial resource for organizations, providing a comprehensive comparison of HR technology vendors. This recognition demonstrates VONQ’s potential, performance, presence, total cost of ownership, and future trajectory in the talent acquisition space.

Fosway identifies Strategic Leaders as companies that provide a rich suite of capabilities across a broad scope of features and have the sophistication to meet the needs of complex enterprise-scale customers consistently. According to Fosway, VONQ has proven its ability to deliver higher levels of innovation, customer impact, and advocacy compared to alternatives in the market.
Maintaining our Strategic Leader position on the Fosway 9-Grid™ reinforces that our talent acquisition platform provides global enterprises with the intelligence, automation, and experience needed to attract, identify, engage, and hire talent quickly.

Why It Matters

The European labor market faces a significant skills shortage, with high vacancy rates posing a major challenge for many businesses. Reports indicate that nearly 63% of small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU struggle to find the necessary talent, particularly in technical fields such as ICT, engineering, and healthcare​ (Euronews)​​ (European Commission)​.  CHROs and CEOs of leading companies increasingly adopt comprehensive solutions that leverage intelligence, automation, and experience to better connect with candidates and efficiently fill open positions. These advanced HR technologies help reduce repetitive tasks, increase recruiter efficiency, and personalize every aspect of the talent acquisition journey​ (European Commission).  “Talent Attraction and Engagement in 2024 is a complex and competitive field. Companies are focusing heavily on consolidation efforts, with intense competition in both candidate matching and employer branding,” said David Wilson, CEO at Fosway Group, “Strategic, data-driven hiring campaigns are crucial in positioning companies as top employers. VONQ’s position as a Strategic Leader demonstrates their continued excellence and innovation in helping customers and partners meet this critical need.”

What Sets VONQ Apart

VONQ is revolutionizing recruitment with its comprehensive marketing suite, including programmatic advertising, social media campaign management, and a Direct Apply feature for a seamless candidate experience. Our AI Kopilot significantly increases efficiency by automating critical sourcing, profile assessment, and interview scheduling tasks. In addition, VONQ’s solutions integrate with over 35 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), ensuring consistent and streamlined recruitment management across platforms. These advanced capabilities enable our customers to optimize recruitment processes, improve candidate engagement, and achieve better hiring outcomes.

“VONQ has a proven track record regarding Recruitment Marketing strategies. Their previous experience with similar target groups gave us useful insights in establishing the recruitment strategy. The ability to scale up to other countries if necessary is also important to us.”
Inge de Graaf, Corporate Recruiter at Zeeman

With the VONQ platform, our customers have achieved remarkable results:
  • 35% Reduction in Hiring Time: Streamlining the recruitment marketing process cuts hiring time by 35%.
  • Access to 5,000+ Job Boards: Seamlessly connects to over 5,000 job boards and media channels via existing ATS.
  • 30-Minute Time Saving per Job Posting: Automation reduces time spent per job posting by 30 minutes.
  • 25% Cost Reduction: Fully automated processes lower recruiting costs by 25%.
  • Eliminates Single Postings: Utilizes existing contracts, removing the need for individual postings..
  • 60-Minute Setup: Quick and efficient, going live in just 60 minutes.
By continuing to deliver innovation, scale technology, and elevate customer support, the largest enterprises in Europe can solve their talent demands.
“The consulting that VONQ offers is an absolute plus! A job posting tool is only half as valuable if it is not accompanied by a team of experts and quality service. With VONQ, we get both.” Marc Stammer, Head of Recruiting, Internal Mobility & HR Marketing Germany & Austria, BNP Paribas

VONQ's Comprehensive Suite: Your Key to more Recruitment and Hiring Success

Transform your recruitment and hiring strategy with VONQ’s innovative solutions and integrations. From building recruitment marketing campaigns directly in ATSs with HAPI to leveraging Direct Apply for seamless candidate experiences, VONQ simplifies and enhances talent acquisition from every angle. Dive into our suite of AI-powered features, including the new Kopilot virtual assistant, and discover how we streamline and optimize your recruitment process.

Direct Apply: Streamline your way to more applicants and boost application rates by up to 700% with VONQ easy to implement Direct Apply function. This feature enables candidates to apply with a single click, instantly transferring their information to your ATS. This seamless process reduces drop-off rates, enhances candidate experience, and leads to 22% faster hires.

HAPI Job Marketing: Finally, recruiters can build recruitment marketing campaigns directly in their ATS and post their job ads to multiple job boards with one action. Integrated in more than 35 leading ATSs, this is a terrific way to simplify and unify talent attraction by simultaneously eliminating the disconnect often associated with third-party-tools.

VONQ Social Media Builder: VONQ is introducing the ability to build and manage Social media recruitment campaigns directly within our Job Marketing Platform and will introduce this capability to our ATS partners. 

Meet Our Agents of Change: A New Dimension to Hiring and Recruitment

In addition to VONQ’s comprehensive recruitment marketing suite that has been available for more than 15 years, we recently announced VONQ Kopilot a new AI-powered virtual assistant – and several new platform innovations, including enhanced job posting automation, accurate profile assessment, and AI-driven interview scheduling, all aimed at optimizing and streamlining the recruitment process.
Kopilot provides voice-enabled search capabilities, eliminating manual data entry and streamlining the talent acquisition process. This intelligent assistant optimizes your recruitment strategy, making it more efficient and effective.

Our Advertising agent: Expand your reach with our job advertising solutions. By including your direct contracts with job boards and gaining access to over 5,000 media channels, including job boards and social media platforms, you can ensure your job postings are seen by the right candidates, wherever they are. Our comprehensive media network maximizes your visibility and enhances your recruitment strategy.

Our Sourcing Agent: Introducing your new sourcing virtual assistant, VONQ Kopilot’s Sourcing Agent. With the power of AI, VONQ Kopilot ensures precision when creating job descriptions and requirement profiles. It leaves no stone unturned in your database to find the ideal candidates for your vacancies.

Our Assessment Agent: Revolutionize your candidate assessments with VONQ Kopilot’s Assessment Agent. This key component of the Kopilot suite automates and transforms candidate assessments, ensuring thorough and unbiased reviews to streamline your hiring process.

Our Interviewing Agent: Optimize your interviews with VONQ Kopilot’s Interviewing Agent, which automates scheduling and conducting initial interviews for an effective, efficient, and fair process. Using an Agentic Framework, our AI Interviewer creates an interview plan based on the job description and CV, conducts and scores the interview, updates the ATS, and alerts the system upon completion. This fully automated approach streamlines candidate assessments.

Ready to transform your recruitment strategy with cutting-edge AI technology?
Book a demo with VONQ today and experience first-hand how Kopilot can revolutionize your recruitment process. Discover the power of seamless integration, precision automation, and data-driven insights. Take advantage of the opportunity to optimize your talent acquisition efforts – click below to book your personalized demo now!


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