Pre-Summer Rush: The Benefits of Job Advertising Before The Summer Holidays

As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, many employees look forward to their long-awaited summer holiday. For those, however, this doesn’t just mean putting their feet up and taking some time out: Just as nature begins to blossom in spring, the talent market is particularly lively at this time of year. This period, when all recent graduates are flooding into the labor market and experienced professionals are looking for new challenges, is the perfect time for companies to advertise jobs and not miss out on the pre-summer rush of talent.

Not worth advertising before the summer? Not at all!

Placing job ads at strategic times can significantly increase their visibility and effectiveness. Here are some reasons why now is an ideal time to do so:

1. Many public holidays clear the minds of candidates: During public holidays, potential applicants have more free time to browse job listings and apply for new positions. An analysis of applicant behavior during the holidays showed that despite the common assumption that companies pause hiring new employees during this time, activity on the job market does not come to a standstill. In fact, some candidates use this time to search more intensively for new positions as they are less distracted by work or other commitments.

Another aspect that supports the benefits of job advertising during the festive season is the psychological recovery that time off promotes. Studies have already shown several years ago that holidays and days off not only restore work motivation and energy levels, but also improve mental health, which in turn can increase candidates’ willingness and ability to take on new challenges.

2.Seasonal budget planning in companies: Many companies plan their budgets on an annual basis and tend to create new jobs at the beginning of the year or towards the end of the second quarter. Publishing job ads before the second half of the year can help to draw attention to your company early enough, before the competition becomes active.

In fact, there are several studies that shed light on the strategic planning of job adverts in relation to seasonal budgets and hiring trends in companies. In particular, there is increased hiring activity at the beginning of the year and towards the end of the second quarter, which coincides with the release of new budgets and the finalisation of budget planning.

This information confirms the benefits of placing job adverts at times when companies are actively recruiting due to their budget cycles. Therefore, it may make strategic sense to align hiring activity with these seasonal patterns to get a head start, increase ad visibility and maximise the likelihood of reaching qualified candidates – even before other companies do.

3. Increase in the number of graduates in May and June: Another decisive factor for the publication of job vacancies at certain times is the completion of many degree programmes in the months of May and June. According to a research from mid 2023, hiring typically peaks early in the year, extending from the first quarter through the spring months in May and June, with many companies aiming to fill positions before summer. Spring is particularly significant for job seekers in the hospitality, travel, and tourism industries, as businesses prepare for the busy summer travel season by recruiting early.

Back in 2019 almost 4 million university graduates were recorded across the European Member States. This influx of young, motivated and freshly qualified talent offers companies an excellent opportunity to fill new positions. By advertising jobs to specific target groups during this peak period, employers can benefit from the high availability of qualified graduates who are ready to start their careers.

4. Less competition with a high number of applicants: Many companies assume that publishing job ads is only worthwhile again after the summer months and decide to “pause” their activities. .

This offers companies the opportunity to benefit from the market dynamics: There are more available candidates with less competition. Companies hiring against the cycle can build their teams for future growth.

In addition, this period is ideal not only for actively advertising jobs, but also for launching targeted initiatives to strengthen their own employer brand. By strengthening their employer branding and offering attractive working conditions, companies can increase the attention and interest of potential applicants. Effective measures could include campaigns on social media, Google or participation in industry events. Such strategies not only improve the company’s image as an attractive employer, but can also help to speed up the recruitment process and increase the quality of recruitment.

Conclusion – take advantage of the pre-summer period for your recruiting strategy

Adapting your recruiting strategy to seasonal trends can improve the visibility of your job adverts and increase the chance of effectively targeting qualified applicants. Companies that understand and capitalize on these patterns gain a decisive advantage in the competition for top talent and can plan proactively for the long term. Postponing job postings until after the summer months can result in recruiters missing out on a pool of talented candidates and potentially delaying their ability to respond to market changes and project demands. Building a pool of candidates early and strategically planning recruitment now is therefore crucial to building a strong market position.



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