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Revolutionize your recruitment process with VONQ's Kopilot: The future of AI-powered recruitment.

‘Kopilot is your co-pilot in recruitment - intelligent, perceptive, and the best assistant you could ask for in streamlining and elevating your talent acquisition process.’

Automation that Saves Time: Kopilot automates several recruitment processes, from sourcing candidate profiles to scheduling interviews, freeing recruiters’ valuable time.
AI-Driven Interviews: Kopilot’s AI technology conducts intelligent and engaging digital interviews based on job-specific requirements, filtering only the best-fit candidates for final review.
Groundbreaking Pricing Model: Our revolutionary pricing model, based on qualified applicant rather than traditional slots or postings, ensures cost-efficiency in your recruitment investment.

Meet Our Four Agents of Change:
A New Dimension to Hiring and Recruitment

Step into seamless talent acquisition with the innovative edge of voice-enabled search capabilities brought to you by Kopilot. Envision initiating your recruitment journey using nothing but the power of voice, signaling a swift farewell to the tedious task of manual data entry. Welcome to a streamlined, efficient talent search process, empowered by VONQ’s advanced AI.
Sourcing Agent: Introducing your new sourcing virtual assistant, VONQ Kopilot’s Sourcing Agent. With the power of AI, VONQ Kopilot ensures precision in the creation of job descriptions and requirement profiles. It leaves no stone unturned in your database to find the ideal candidates for your vacancies.
Assessment Agent: Revolutionise your candidate assessments with VONQ Kopilot’s Assessment Agent. This key component of the Kopilot suite automates and transforms candidate assessments, ensuring thorough and unbiased reviews to streamline your hiring process.
Interviewing Agent: Optimize your interviews with VONQ Kopilot’s Interviewing Agent. This innovative feature automates scheduling and conducting initial interviews, ensuring an effective, efficient, and fair process for every candidate, from convenient timing to structured interviews and integrated evaluations.
Candidate Support Agent: Transform your candidates’ experience and stay competitive in today’s job market. That’s where our Candidate Support Agent comes in, ensuring that every interaction with your candidates is engaging, informative and supportive across all comms channels.
The power of AI in recruitment is undeniable. According to the Forbes Business Council, AI can reduce the time to hire by 40% by automating tasks. This efficiency is exactly what the Assessment Agent brings to your recruitment strategy. It simplifies the assessment process, ensuring you connect with top talent faster.

Empower Your Recruitment with VONQ Kopilot: Seamless Integration, Tailored Solutions

Seamlessly integrate the innovative capabilities of VONQ Kopilot into your existing recruitment ecosystem. Our platform is designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring a smooth integration with your current software and systems. Let’s discuss the best approach to enhance your recruitment process with the advanced features of Kopilot. Please contact us, and together, we’ll make a solution that matches your operational needs and goals.

Unlock the Future of Recruitment: Experience VONQ's Kopilot

Discover how VONQ’s Kopilot, can revolutionize your talent acquisition strategy. With Kopilot, you’re not just recruiting; you’re transforming the future of your organization by embracing the power of AI to optimize your hiring process.

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