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VONQ Recruitment Marketing
Our recruitment strategy plan strengthens your employer brand and helps you with your volume hiring goals. Use our expertise, insights, years of experience and people to show your brand to the right candidates on the right channels with less hassle through a media strategy that’s right for you.

Not only does our consultancy team creates expert recruitment marketing strategies, but every campaign is also executed by a team of specialists who understand how to maximize every channel and take on even the most difficult hiring and branding goals.

Recruitment strategies created specifically for you

We guide you through a strong recruitment marketing strategy plan with our team of experts.
 VONQ is here to help you no matter what your recruiting challenges are:

When you want to focus on a thorough strategy for employer branding.

When you want to increase awareness in your target groups.

When you have a need to fill multiple positions.

When you have niche hiring needs.

When you need to create and retain visibility among your key target audiences for the upcoming year(s).

When you have diversity and inclusion high on your list and need to hire more in a specific audience.

Let's transform your recruitment marketing.

Find out how we can help.

Find out how
we can help.

Recruitment Marketing and so much more.

Campaign strategy & planning

Our team of experts creates a tailored media strategy for your specific employer brand and recruitment goals.

Expert portfolio

Inhouse certified expertise on Google Advertising and all Social Media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest but also TikTok and Snapchat. And don’t forget niche media channels that resonate with your audience and industry.

Campaign execution

Your campaign is set up and executed by our recruitment marketing specialists who make use of technology like retargeting and programmatic advertising to effectively take the results to the next level.

Meaningful dashboards

We closely monitor the progress of your campaigns, tweak wherever needed, and deliver a precise outlook on the outcome through real-time dashboards and helpful reports.

3 reasons why VONQ Recuitment Marketing gives you a competitive edge in recruiting:

Recruitment Campaign Dashboard Add-On:
Harness the power of data

Now Making data-driven recruitment marketing decisions is easier than ever. With the Campaign Dashboard Add-on, our experts will build you your own professional dashboards where you can view recruitment campaign performance in real-time.

Gain actionable insights into your recruitment marketing efforts with our easy-to-read dashboard.

Advanced Tracking & Analytics Add-On
See everything. Dig deeper. Miss nothing.

Measure everything. With analytics and tag manager we can take you to the next maturity level, measuring and tracking the performance of the advertising channels and the impact on your career site.

Track your way. Tracking every step of the process will give you better information as the basis for data-driven decisions. This way we can optimize your strategy based on real-time data.

Feed Advertising Add-On We’ve got your high volume hiring needs covered.

Speed in bulk. You get the speed to advertise high volume and new vacancies faster on Google and Social Media.

Automation and optimization. We will save you time and budget, by automatically pushing specific job ads when a vacancy is published.

Onboarding & Consulting

VONQ is here to help you achieve your future goals. We guide you through the entire process.

Let’s transform your recruitment marketing strategy. Contact us today!

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