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Designed for large organizations, ATS partners, and job board providers, Direct Apply functionality integrated in VONQ streamlines the recruitment process. It enables candidates to apply with a single click directly on job boards, instantly transferring their information to the ATS. This seamless integration cuts out redundant steps and bypasses the complexity of navigating through ATS systems, enhancing efficiency across the board. Direct Apply simplifies the application process, benefiting not just candidates but also significantly boosting application rates. This meets the needs for rapid hiring and managing large volumes of applications, making both ATSs and job boards more appealing and effective for their users.

A seamless workflow for boosting
your applications with Direct Apply

Automated Job Posting: Select from a variety of global job boards, like Indeed, Monster, SEEK, Infojobs, Naukri and many more that are compatible with Direct Apply and VONQ coordinates job ad distribution.
One-Click Application: Enable a swift application process on job boards with a single click, bypassing the need to navigate applicants to your career site and ATS.
Efficient Review Process: Automatically funnel candidate applications and resumes into your ATS, removing manual data entry. Smooth transfer hinges on ATS compatibility.
Automatic ATS Submission: Receive instant notifications in your ATS for new applications, enabling quick review and decision-making for a more efficient recruitment cycle.

Your Benefits with Direct Apply

Increased Application Volume:
By simplifying the application process, Direct Apply encourages more candidates to complete their applications, leading to a higher volume of potential hires.
Reduced Drop-off Rates:
The one-click application process lowers the chance of candidates abandoning their applications due to complicated steps or navigational frustrations.
Faster Time-to-Hire:
Automatic submission of applications into your ATS and immediate notification to recruiters cuts down the time from job posting to candidate review.
Improved Candidate Experience:
 Offering a direct and straightforward application route enhances the candidate’s experience, positively impacting the employer’s brand.
Reduced Manual Work:
Direct Apply streamlines data transfer to your ATS, cutting down manual tasks and shifting focus towards candidate evaluation over administrative duties.
Optimized ATS Usage Experience: Integrating directly with job boards, Direct Apply ensures that all candidate information is accurately captured and utilized within the ATS.
Global Exposure, Local Impact: Direct Apply connects with global job boards such as Indeed, Monster, Infojobs, and SEEK ensuring worldwide visibility with a localized approach.
Enhanced Talent Pool:
Experience a seamless recruitment process by lowering application barriers, making it easier and more efficient to attract a diverse range of applicants.
"Integrating Direct Apply into our ATS has significantly streamlined the application process, improving our candidate experience and time-to-hire. This functionality allows us to focus more on engaging with candidates rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks."

Ferran Mansilla,
Employer Branding Project Manager,
ALDI Spain

Benefits for ATS Partners

Leverage the power of VONQ’s Direct Apply technology to seamlessly connect your ATS to an extensive network of job boards, each equipped with Direct Apply functionality. Integration with us brings exceptional efficiency to your client’s recruitment process, ensuring a smooth, direct application flow that improves the candidate experience and streamlines their talent acquisition process. Benefit from the simplicity of a single connection that provides access to multiple platforms while enjoying robust technical support and a competitive edge in the job market. Please contact us to enhance your ATS solutions, make the application process effortless for your clients and their candidates, and set a new standard in recruitment.

Benefits for Job Board Partners

Enhance the job seeker experience on your platform by integrating your Direct Apply functionality with VONQ. In a challenging labor market, ensuring a streamlined application process improves the candidate journey and encourages completion. Direct Apply bridges the gap between job seekers and employers, enhancing visibility and increasing traffic to your listings, while simplifying the application process and improving user experience. By becoming part of a broader ecosystem, your job board opens up new partnership opportunities and positions itself at the forefront of the industry’s digital evolution, making your platform the preferred choice due to its efficient and user-friendly application process.

Enhance Your Recruitment Efforts: Discover Direct Apply with VONQ

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