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VONQ’s Hiring API (HAPI)
Our hiring API (HAPI), offers unmatched and expert job advertising and job distribution to Application Tracking Systems (ATS) and other hiring partners.

Find out why we call it HAPI!

Partnering with VONQ means that when you embed job advertising capabilities, you create value for your customers and yourself. HAPI is straightforward to integrate and easy to keep synced to your product strategy. It’s also backed by a global team of experts to handle the administration of media partner management.

HAPI users

Job advertising that’s
seamless, straightforward, & easy in every way.


HAPI is 100% embedded into your platform. That means no new browser tabs, no iframes, and no co-branding to trip up users—just a seamless experience as they create a new job and then post that opportunity to the right job sites, social media, and niche sites.


HAPI gives your customers access to thousands of media partners via our pre-contracted relationships, plus the ability to cross-post using their own contracts, too. In short, our simple API makes your platform your customers’ single hub for administering all their job advertising.

Easy-to-understand performance metrics

One system means centralized billing and centralized reporting, freeing up that Talent Acquisition teams to do more actual recruiting, and less cutting-and-pasting to build executive reports.

Make yourself HAPI.

You get a partner focused on what’s most important: technology, economics, support.

Replace the time, energy, and resources spent integrating and managing multiple media partners with a simple ATS integration.

Eliminate the paperwork and red tape of maintaining relationships with thousands of individual media partners.

Add new media partners with zero effort: Our hiring API (HAPI) provides access to over 5,000 sites already and is growing all the time.

Get guidance on how to help users be super successful every step of the way.

Get activation support, too, with marketing materials, training and sales enablement content to support your product marketing, sales enablement, and marketing/communications teams.

Scalability: your VONQ partnership will grow with you; whether you’re looking to serve international customers or offer additional services like OFCCP compliance, VONQ’s one-stop API solution sets you up for all of it.

The HAPI Suite

VONQ’s Hiring API provides the tools to implement the following offerings:

HAPI Job Marketing

Let your customers post their jobs to more than 5,00 job posting sites, social media platforms, state job boards, and other niche sites without having to open new accounts, using VONQ’s pre-contracted rates.

HAPI Job Post

Help customers centralize their job posting activities by letting them manage their existing media partner contracts from within your platform. Combined with HAPI Job Marketing, this gives recruiting teams access to 5,000+ media partners without ever having to leave your platform!

Diversity Outreach Network

Make it simple for your customers to target their job posting activities in order to attract from the most diverse talent pools possible.

HAPI Compliance

Centralize compliance-driven job advertising for US employers with a single, set-it-and-forget-it solution. Click here to read more.

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