Our integrated solution
for ATS, CRM, and HCM systems:

We provide an advanced job advertising and job distribution integrated solution for ATS, HCM, and CRM software providers.

Enhance your functionality and unlock new revenue streams

It can be natively integrated into existing workflows as an innovative plug-and-play solution or an API.

Users will not experience disruption in using their ATS, HCM, or CRM software. The seamless integration does not cause any visible or noticeable change in the system.

Your offer to your users by
seamlessly integrating VONQ HAPI

A Job Advertising Marketplace with an Extensive Global Portfolio

The marketplace provides a unique e-commerce experience where users can shop and purchase job postings. Users can buy job postings from thousands of media channels globally. These include job boards, niche and industry sites, diversity sites, social media platforms, and programmatic channels.

 Users can make informed purchasing decisions by effectively searching and filtering.

A recommendation engine uses job-specific data to suggest job boards relevant to the posted job. This helps users quickly find and purchase media that best meets their candidate sourcing requirements.
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Import of existing Job Board Contracts

The VONQ HAPISuite can streamline your users’ job posting process. It allows users to import their pre-existing job board contracts seamlessly. As a result, users can then post their jobs to multiple pre-contracted boards within the workflow of your system.

Users don’t have to switch between different systems in order to post jobs to their contracted boards.
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Diversity & Inclusion and OFCCP Compliance Management

We offer complete automation for OFCCP compliance and Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), ensuring users meet regulatory requirements. Additionally, we provide job postings to state workforce sites (ESDS). As well as job boards for military veterans, disabled individuals, and diverse candidates.
We have a broad reach to the local community and diversity organizations. Our automated services provide expert management of state profiles, permissions, and proof-of-posting.
Our detailed reporting on job postings and distribution to local outreach partners allows for effective tracking and analysis. Our audit support services are experienced and reliable. They provide users with the necessary information to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion.
Diversity Recruiting Software

Great user experience

Our advanced solution for job advertising and distribution is natively integrated into the existing workflow. The comprehensive solution saves them time and resources for their recruitment efforts.
Users can access a broader range of job boards and social media channels. As a result, it is reaching a larger pool of qualified candidates and job seekers.
We are always using the latest technologies in job advertising and distribution. As a result, our software is consistently improved. We can regularly provide users with advanced features and functionalities to improve their recruitment process.
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Benefits of HAPI

  • Integrate with ease: Choose from our plug-and-play or API solution to quickly implement integrations that meet your business needs.
  • Generate more revenue: Leverage your users’ media buying budgets to increase revenue and stay ahead of the competition with our innovative features.
  • Improve user experience: Increase your software’s value by improving users’ experience.
  • Cost-effective outsourcing: Outsource technical capabilities for job posting and distribution to eliminate the need for expensive software, infrastructure, and staff investment.
  • Access exceptional developers: Partner with us and gain access to a team of exceptional developers at the forefront of innovation and technology.

Your integration options

Plug and Play Integration for VONQ HAPI to offer Media Portfolio in HR Management system

Plug-and-play solution

The new and revolutionary plug-and-play solution offers a range of advantages. First, the implementation process is shortened and simplified significantly. This reduces the time to provide it to your users by 80% compared to API integration.

It provides you with streamlined maintenance. As a result, you need fewer development resources. This is our latest innovation and is unique in the market.
Read more here.

API Integration for VONQ HAPI to offer Media Portfolio in HR Management system

API integration​

Our API integration provides you with high flexibility, allowing tailored integrations. You have more control over how their systems interact with others, allowing custom workflows and processes to be created.
APIs are adaptable and resilient, making them a great long-term solution as your systems evolve and grow. They allow direct communication between systems. In addition, they are enabling quick and accurate data transfer without manual intervention.

Selection of our HAPIPartners

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VONQ helps ATS, HCM, and CRM software vendors get the most out of their native integration. 

We assign a dedicated account manager. This person will guide you through the onboarding process. In addition, we will answer all your questions.

We are a world-class integration partner. This ensures our platform is constantly innovating. Proven by our latest innovation, the plug-and-play integration option. It lets you deliver advanced job advertising and distribution solutions.

We provide comprehensive technical documentation and resources. Including marketing materials and recommendations to help you get started.

Our team of world-renowned experts is always available to help and advise. We are at your service five days a week, sixteen hours a day.

We offer product demos to help you better understand our features and capabilities.

Monitor the success of your partnership with our performance reporting.

Choose VONQ as your integration partner for exceptional service and support to achieve your goals.

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