With Job Marketing, you know where to share your jobs online. A true superpower!

No more decisions based on gut feeling! Our Job Marketing Platform selects the right media channels for your jobs.

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Your single gateway to all the channels in the world

Individual media buying takes time and energy. Get access to all the online channels in the world, in one place and already pre-contracted. Show me all those great channels.

picture with media channels like TotalJobs, Monster, LinkedIn and social media channels like youtube and instagram

An instant recommendation on the best channels for your jobs, anyone?

Let data do the heavy lifting! Just upload your job and let the smart algorithm select the best channels for your job. Get me some of that best channels recommendation! 

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Steer your success. Know your job performance in and out

What went terribly good with your job ad?… Or amazingly bad? With the Analytics dashboard you own the know your stuff-optimise-repeat process. I want to be on top of my job performance. 

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Manage your jobs and buy the channels you need. All from the same system!

Don’t waste time switching between multiple recruitment tools. Manage jobs AND do the media buying – all from a single place. Can I connect my recruitment software? 

The platform is full of relevant information on media channels and how to build the right media mix

Your job. Via the right channels. And the right story!

Choosing the right channels is key. But it’s also pointless without having a great story to tell. We get it. And we can help! See our Employer Branding solutions to make your brand shine to the right audience.