Kopilot | Sourcing Agent

Streamline Your Talent Sourcing with AI

Transform Your Talent Search with VONQ Kopilot's Sourcing Agent: Precision, Efficiency, and Multi-Channel Strategy Unleashed

Introducing your new sourcing virtual assistant, VONQ Kopilot’s Sourcing Agent. With the power of AI, VONQ Kopilot ensures precision in the creation of job descriptions and requirement profiles. It leaves no stone unturned in your database to find the ideal candidates for your vacancies. An added benefit of this ground-breaking technology is its role in the strategy and execution of multi-channel recruitment campaigns. So you don’t just get efficient, you get effective. Now that’s a double win!

Key Advantages of Integrating
the VONQ Kopilot Sourcing Agent:

Efficiency and effectiveness: VONQ Kopilot results in improved efficiency coupled with reduced manual effort, giving your recruitment process the boost it needs.
Time saving: By automating the process of creating job descriptions and searching the candidate database, your hours are better spent on tasks that require your attention.
Improved quality: Detailed and targeted job descriptions help attract the right candidates, improving the overall quality of applications.
Streamlined candidate search: VONQ Kopilot leverages your existing pool of potential candidates, accelerating the candidate selection process.
Extended reach: By supporting multi-channel recruitment campaigns, VONQ reaches a much wider audience across multiple platforms.
Strategic optimisation: By benefiting from the continuous analysis and optimisation of recruitment campaigns, future efforts become more streamlined and results-oriented.
"As just one example of its power, VONQ's AI can sift through job descriptions and resumes in just 0.08 seconds, giving you quick access to the most relevant matches. This is a staggering 10 million times faster than a human, as reported by HR Morning, showcasing the unparalleled speed and efficiency of our technology."

Unlock the Future of Recruitment: Experience VONQ's Kopilot

Discover how VONQ’s Kopilot, can revolutionize your talent acquisition strategy. With Kopilot, you’re not just recruiting; you’re transforming the future of your organization by embracing the power of AI to optimize your hiring process.

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