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What is smart Recruitment Marketing?

It is the strategic and tactical implementations that allow a company to find, attract and engage job seekers to encourage a more qualified application. Many consider it top of the funnel activity, but in truth, it’s actually pre-funnel; and therein exposes the evolution in thinking.

A blueprint for success

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Many organizations have unique challenges to solve, but in general, the strategic components of a strong recruitment marketing strategy to tackle these include:

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Job Marketing

Publish your vacancies via our Job Marketing Platform and monitor performance with our Recruitment Analytics Feature.
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Volume Recruitment Marketing

Distribute your high volume jobs programmaticly via us if you are in need of a large amount of candidates.
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Employer Branding

Position yourself as employer of choice within your target audience and boost traffic to your career site.
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Covering the Full Recruitment Funnel

Instead of focusing only on candidates who have applied, together with you, we think broader terms of anyone who may be interested in your brand or career opportunities. It is our job to bring them into the funnel through recruitment marketing activities.

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These recruitment teams took on their strategy – and won.


Casestudy Nationwide Recruitment Marketing Technology

See how Nationwide attracted the right talents using our recruitment marketing platform.

Volume Recruitment

Casestudy Redington Recruitment Marketing Technology

See how Redington hired a complete qualified tech team in a new city without using any agencies or job boards.

Employer Branding

Casestudy Nature's Pride Recruitment Marketing Technology

See how Nature’s Pride reduced their Cost-per-Hire by more than 80% and how they boosted their employer brand.