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Hold the reins of your recruitment process

Our Recruitment Marketing Platform offers job marketing through all global channels, instantly recommending you the best-performing media to attract all the right candidates. You’re the muscle, we provide support.

Easy to use

With ATS integration & multiposting, we’re a part of your daily (no-hassle) workflow. In just a few clicks.

Lower your cost per hire

The right channels + 24/7 data access with the Recruitment Analytics Dashboard proves a higher return on investment.

You're in control

Receive data of your job campaign stats every step of the way. No more guesswork = steering your own success.

More than 10,000 happy VONQ users worldwide

“We no longer have to deal with separate supplier contracts and the related media purchase administrative work. What used to take us up to 60 days back then, we can now do in a day!”