VONQ's ATS & Alliance Partnerships

VONQ Partnerships help our partners' customers meet today's Recruitment Marketing needs and tomorrow's demands

Building Exemplary Technical and Professional Relationships

Form mutually aligned partnerships that drive customer-focused efficiency and optimization. We’re all about establishing strong technical and professional partnerships to advance multi-posting across all job board and programmatic channels and solutions, with full automation capabilities and intelligent business rules to optimize job distribution efficiencies. We drive innovation and excellence in talent acquisition by partnering with leading ATS/CRMS vendors and Alliance Partnerships, leveraging consulting, training, and integration partners. Our collaborations empower organizations by helping them navigate complexity and excel in the competitive talent landscape, ultimately improving recruitment marketing ROI at every step.

How partners benefit from partnering with VONQ

Staying Ahead:
Stay ahead of the technology curve with leading solutions and innovations in job distribution, programmatic advertising, and candidate experience.

Happier Customers:
Productivity increases, cost reductions, posting simplifications, and increased applications are all areas in which we can help make your customers' lives better.

Grow Your Business:
Attract, acquire, and retain customers by simplifying and streamlining job distribution processes.

Data Aware:
Putting customers in the driving seat with data, ensuring they are better informed and able to make informed data decisions.

How VONQ supports its partners

At VONQ, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the talent acquisition ecosystem. Our partnership approach is designed to provide robust support through

Ease of Integration:
Seamless integration with existing systems to enhance functionality without disrupting your operations.

Dedicated Support:
Access to a dedicated team that ensures ongoing alignment and prompt resolution of any issues.

Co-Marketing Initiatives:
Joint marketing efforts that increase visibility and brand recognition, driving mutual growth.

End-to-End 360 Partnership:
From the initial connection through implementation, onboarding, and optimization, we work with our partners through the journey to support our mutual customers' excelling and growth.

Some of the ATS Partners that we work with

Reach out to us to see our full list of ATS connections here

Leading software provider of innovative ATS solutions that streamline recruitment processes.

Comprehensive talent management systems known for their robust functionality.

Premier staffing and recruiting software designed to empower recruiters and staffing professionals.

Renowned for its cloud solutions for business management, focusing on finance and HR.

Global technology leader offering a whole stack of cloud applications and platform services.
A platform designed to optimize and automate high-volume hiring, enabling businesses to efficiently source, screen, and hire hourly workers.

A leading talent acquisition suite that provides a collaborative and comprehensive platform for hiring the best talent efficiently.

Known for its structured hiring approach, Greenhouse helps organizations optimize their recruitment strategies and improve hiring outcomes.

Some of the Alliance Partners that we work with

Reach out to us to see our full list of Alliance connections here

A global provider of talent outsourcing and advisory services, AMS transforms workforce strategies to drive business success.

Provides online learning platforms that enhance recruitment skills and techniques.
Specializes in HR solutions that transform the talent management landscape.

A global professional services firm providing strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations solutions.

VONQ Partnerships help our partners' customers meet the needs of today and the demands of tomorrow.

Are you a leading ATS or Integration/Alliance partner?

Do you work with global companies looking for leading multiposting and programmatic technologies? Contact us to explore how a partnership can enhance your business solutions.

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