Recruitment Marketing for Staffing Agencies

Drive Success in Staffing:
Streamline high-volume recruitment.

Maximise efficiency with automation, save time and attract talent faster with VONQ.

The VONQ product suite offers innovative solutions tailored to the recruitment needs of staffing agencies. This extensive suite optimises the entire recruitment process and enables the efficient sourcing of a wide range of candidates. It simplifies complex recruitment tasks and enables recruitment agencies to effortlessly manage multiple job postings and candidate searches to meet the demands of mass recruitment. With its focus on speed and efficiency, the VONQ Product Suite enables recruitment agencies to respond quickly to their clients’ needs and fill positions with the right candidates.

How Staffing Agencies benefit of VONQs
Recruitment Marketing Solutions

Streamlined Posting Process:
Automate and simplify the hiring process, making it quicker and easier to get job ads in front of the right candidates.

Wider Candidate Reach:
Access to a vast network of job boards and media channels ensures that your job ads are seen by a diverse and extensive pool of potential candidates, increasing the chances of finding the perfect match.

Efficient High-Volume Recruitment:
The ability to handle multiple job postings simultaneously allows for effective management of high-volume recruitment, saving time and reducing workload.

Cost-Effective Advertising:
Leverage programmatic advertising technology to optimise your advertising budget, focusing your spending on the most effective channels for each job posting.

Flexibility and Scalability:
Whether you're dealing with fluctuating recruitment needs or steady high-volume hiring, VONQ Job Post scales to fit your agency's requirements, offering flexibility and support as your business grows.

Optimized Job Advertising:
Maximize the visibility of your job postings across thousands of job boards channels and platforms to attract a high number of applicants.

Seamless Integration with Existing HR Systems:
Ensure a smooth recruitment experience with easy integration into your current HR technologies, avoiding any disruption to existing processes.

Efficient Budget Management:
Programmatic Tools ermöglichen eine effiziente Budgetierung und Zielsetzungmit umfassenden Reportings.

The Recruitment Funnel:
VONQs Expertise in the 'Attract'-Phase

The ‘Attract’ stage aims to attract attention and interest from candidates through strong employer branding, engaging job postings and active talent sourcing, using a media network including social media and referrals to increase visibility and position the enterprise as a top employer of choice.

In this stage of the recruitment funnel, VONQ’s products – Recruitment Marketing Services, Job Marketing and Job Posting – help to increase visibility, engage talent and streamline the recruitment process, making you the employer of choice.

VONQ Job Post: Streamline high-volume hiring, featuring automated, programmatic advertising for optimal reach and cost-efficiency. Enjoy seamless ATS integration and insightful ROI analysis. Read more about this product here.

These Staffing Agencies trust VONQ's Recruitment Marketing Solutions

“VONQ simplifies and speeds up the process of posting job vacancies for us. It saves us a lot of time as job vacancies are automatically posted on the relevant job boards. This saves us valuable time that we can use for other tasks.”

Matthijs Bruinsma, Marketing Team Leader, ABVakwerk

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Efficient use of budget instead of gut feeling

Success at Redington: Hiring a complete tech team in a new city

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