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The VONQ Product Suite offers innovative solutions specialised for recruitment marketing challenges of enterprises. It simplifies the hiring process, helping attract a diverse pool of candidates efficiently. Whether you’re facing niche hiring challenges or need to manage high-volume recruitment, the VONQ Suite adapts to every need, enhancing your ability to stand out as a top employer. By integrating strategic hiring campaigns with tailored recruitment marketing services, you’ll boost your employer brand and connect with candidates more effectively. With the VONQ Suite, streamline your recruitment, make data-driven decisions, and turn potential candidates into new hires more easily, positioning your company as the employer of choice.

How Your Enterprise benefits of
VONQs Recruitment Marketing Solutions

Streamlined Recruitment Process:
Simplifies the hiring workflow, making it faster and more efficient, focusing on everything from job posting to attracting the right candidates.

Enhanced Employer Branding:
Elevate your brand’s visibility and amplify your company's presence and appeal in the job market, helping you stand out as an employer of choice.

Targeted And Wider Candidate Attraction:
Reach a diverse and highly skilled pool of candidates tailored to your specific job requirements, whether for niche roles or high-volume hiring.

Customized Analyses & Reporting:
Receive individual and need-based KPI analyses and reports that provide you with clear insights into your recruiting activities, helping you to continuously optimize your strategies.

Enhanced Job Advertising Reach:
Amplify the reach of your job postings by maximizing visibility across a vast network of thousands of job boards, channels, and platforms.

Efficient Budget Management:
Allocate your recruitment budget more effectively, ensuring the best return on investment for your recruitment marketing efforts.

Deep Audience Insight:
Benefit from our profound knowledge of your target audiences. We understand precisely who you want to reach and how to best communicate your messages.

Competitive Edge in Talent Acquisition:
Gain a significant advantage in a competitive job market by leveraging innovative strategies to attract top talent, including those not actively job searching.

Flexibility to Meet Recruitment Challenges:
Adapt to various recruitment challenges, from managing high-volume recruitment to addressing specific skill shortages.

Innovative Impulses for Your Recruiting:
We bring proactive suggestions of ideas, trends, and optimization approaches to continuously improve your recruiting and secure a competitive advantage

The Recruitment Funnel:
VONQ's Expertise in the 'Attract'-Phase

The ‘Attract’ stage aims to attract attention and interest from candidates through strong employer branding, engaging job postings and active talent sourcing, using a media network including social media and referrals to increase visibility and position the enterprise as a top employer of choice.

In this stage of the recruitment funnel, VONQ’s products – Recruitment Marketing Services, Job Marketing and Job Posting – help to increase visibility, engage talent and streamline the recruitment process, making you the employer of choice.

VONQ Recruitment Marketing Services: Enhance your employer brand and attract top talent with our employer branding services. Designed for medium to large organisations, our expert team will ensure your visibility and recruitment success. Find out more about this product here.

VONQ Job Marketing: Optimize your job ad reach, offering access to over 5,000 media channels for targeted, effective job ad posting. Our platform simplifies recruiting, from media selection to performance tracking. Read more about this product here.

VONQ Job Post: Streamline high-volume hiring, featuring automated, programmatic advertising for optimal reach and cost-efficiency. Enjoy seamless ATS integration and insightful ROI analysis. Read more about this product here.

These Enterprises trust
VONQ's Recruitment Marketing Solutions

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