AB Vakwerk: More applicants and less effort with efficient Multiposting for successful staffing

Traditional staffing meets modern multiposting technology

AB Vakwerk is a Dutch company specializing in providing personnel and temporary staff, primarily in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, food industry, construction, and technology. They assist businesses in searching, hiring, and training employees, as well as managing personnel to promote structural growth in companies.



Waste Management, Agriculture, Construction, Trade, Finance, Food, and many more.


8 locations in Noord Holland & Friesland


The Challenge

Before partnering with VONQ, AB Vakwerk faced the challenge of generating many job applications for its clients. Instead of targeted and strategic campaigns, the company relied on standardized approaches, resulting in their job postings rarely standing out in the competition. At that time, AB Vakwerk did not have a tool-based solution for posting job vacancies and therefore relied on external service providers.

The company had clear goals: to reach more applicants to foster growth while simultaneously reducing the costs and time per hire. With accelerated and more effective recruitment, AB Vakwerk can better meet customer needs and significantly reduce the effort required for new hires.

The Solution

1. Fast and Automated Job Posting with VONQ's Multiposting Solution

VONQ Job Post is an easy, fast, and effective way for us to determine which job vacancies should be posted on which job boards and distribute them within seconds.” – Matthijs Bruinsma, Marketing Team Leader.

In the past, AB Vakwerk spent many hours manually posting job vacancies on job boards. With VONQ’s Multiposting Solution, AB Vakwerk can now instantly post job ads on numerous media channels and job boards. The service provider has access to >1000 job boards and media channels in a single solution for distributing job vacancies.

“VONQ’s Job Post simplifies and speeds up the process of posting job vacancies for us. It saves us a lot of time as job vacancies are automatically posted on the relevant job boards. This saves us valuable time that we can use for other tasks.” – Matthijs Bruinsma, Marketing Team Leader.

2. Performance Dashboards for Precise Campaign Control and Optimization

VONQ’s dashboards allow AB Vakwerk to easily monitor the performance of all media channels and job boards used and identify the most effective ones for reaching job applicants. Comprehensive statistics on impressions, clicks, conversions, and costs enable the service provider to clearly identify the strengths and areas for improvement in their campaigns.

These data help AB Vakwerk respond quickly to market trends and allocate advertising budgets strategically.

The Results

Through the use of VONQ Job Post technology, AB Vakwerk has achieved significant success in reaching and selecting suitable candidates. The fast and efficient job posting process has significantly reduced the cost per applicant (CPA). Additionally, the cost per hire (CPH) has also decreased. Another advantage of this technology is the ability to segment campaigns and target specific audiences, leading to higher-quality applications and improved effectiveness in filling open positions.

For AB Vakwerk, it is essential to minimize the cost per applicant and per hire. With VONQ Job Post technology, they have succeeded in rapidly reducing these costs while simultaneously increasing the effectiveness of their recruitment campaigns.

“I am regularly informed about new possibilities and optimization potentials within our campaigns to respond quickly to the needs and trends in the job market. This results in a very high response rate to our ads with high-quality candidates. I highly appreciate it.”–Matthijs Bruinsma, Marketing Team Leader.

The collaboration between AB Vakwerk and VONQ is based on valuable knowledge exchange and professionalism, leading to effective results. This enables AB Vakwerk to connect its clients with suitable candidates, while VONQ contributes its expertise to support AB Vakwerk’s recruitment goals.

The Case Study at a glance

Download here a compact overview of the case study as a PDF file.

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