Success story wpd x VONQ: Successful Recruiting with Full Energy

Data-Driven Media Campaigns for Highly Qualified Professionals in Wind Energy

wpd is a leading developer and operator of onshore wind and photovoltaic projects. Since 1996, wpd has been planning, financing, and building wind and solar parks worldwide. The company is active in all phases of wind and solar energy projects, from site selection and approval to commissioning and long-term operation of the facilities.


Company Size

Over 3,700 employees worldwide


Renewable Energy and Semiconductor Production


44 sites in 29 countries


The Challenge

wpd strives to provide innovative solutions for a sustainable future, in order to achieve this, the developer of wind and photovoltaic projects needs a constant stream of highly qualified professionals and graduates with specific expertise for the target regions of the wind and solar parks. In addition to the requirements for professional positions, there is high competition in the target markets.

Multimedia job advertisements and measures to strengthen the employer brand are important aspects to raise awareness for wpd as an employer and to remain competitive. However, the goal is not only to make the brand more known but also to continuously reach qualified applicants.

The Solution

1. Fast and Effective Posting of Job Ads
on > 5,000 Media Channels

With VONQ’s data-based Job Marketing solution, wpd posts job ads on > 5,000 job boards and media channels for the target group, including job boards, niche sites, social media channels, search engines, and forums. All channels are already contractually fixed and can be easily used via a uniform system without having to switch between providers.

The VONQ solution enables wpd to address passive and highly qualified candidates who are hard to find via traditional job boards. Based on previously defined criteria for the target group, only those channels that can reach the desired candidates are recommended.

Through geographic targeting in social media channels and Google, graduates that are specifically in the target regions are reached. At the same time, wpd increases its online presence and attention to career opportunities in the target groups.

“The VONQ solution shows us which channels work best for which positions. This allows us to strategically write our job postings and, on top of that, measure the performance per channel and draw conclusions for future postings”
– Carolin Schinkel, HR Specialist.

2. Linking the Career Site to Accelerate Job Posting

The simple connection between the Applicant Management System and the Job Marketing Solution eliminates the need for manual campaign setup. The Career Site Connector as an additional feature allows easy uploading of all job ads from the career site directly into the VONQ Job Marketing Solution – all with just one click.

Automatic import of job ads pre-fills fields in the campaign setup, avoiding sources of error and saving valuable time.

3. Central Contract Management: One Partner for All Cases

“We have also integrated our own contracts with job boards into the VONQ solution, which we can always consider for posting. This saves us a lot of time. It also gives us a good feeling to have all contracts in one place.” – Carolin Schinkel, HR Specialist

wpd now has only one central contract partner. Existing external media contracts are integrated into the Job Marketing Solution and can be selected for ad posting with a click. Centralization of contracts saves additional resources and time.

Results so far

“The communication with VONQ is really on an equal footing. It almost feels like they are part of our team. We appreciate the open exchange and the fact that VONQ always has advice for us on how we can further optimize the performance of our ads.”
– Carolin Schinkel, HR Specialist

In total, wpd published 200 media campaigns with 59 different media channels within one year. This results in an average of 16 postings per month, each with 3 channels.

In regular reports and consulting sessions with VONQ’s experts, campaign performances are evaluated, optimization approaches are discussed, and further media strategies are developed to make recruiting in the wind industry even more successful for wpd.


published campaigns


different media channels used


clicks on the job ads and/or “apply now” button

The Case Study at a glance

Download here a compact overview of the case study as a PDF file.

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