Sustainability: Environment, Social and Governance

Our Commitment to a Better Future:
Lead with Holistic Sustainability Initiatives Aligned with Global ESG Criteria

In 2024, VONQ remains committed to sustainability and responsible business. Our determination to provide transparent insight into our environmental and social responsibility efforts remains strong.

As our global footprint expands, we recognize our increased responsibility to society, employees, and customers. We aim to grow and grow well, championing initiatives and programs that align with our core environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values within and beyond our organizational boundaries.

Environmental Impact

Comprehensive information on VONQ’s environmental initiatives, such as energy usage, waste management, and carbon emissions. Specific details about VONQ's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.
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Social Impact

Overview of VONQ's efforts to create a positive social impact through its professional and personal development investments, contributions to local communities, and commitment to diversity and inclusion.
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VONQ's commitment to ethical business practices and corporate governance. The company's adherence to transparency and accountability standards and commitment to conducting its business ethically and responsibly.
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Risk Management

VONQ's risk management process, including the steps taken to identify, assess, and mitigate risks. VONQ’s risk management policies and procedures provide an overview of the business's potential risks.
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Opportunities for Improvement

Overview of potential areas for improvement in which VONQ could reduce its environmental or social impact. Actionable recommendations that VONQ plans to implement to enhance its sustainability and social responsibility further.
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