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The Energy Market in Europe

The current energy sector in Europe is characterized by a heightened focus on renewable energies and sustainability. The EU has set ambitious targets for reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the share of renewable energies. Wind, solar, and hydropower are gaining increasing importance. At the same time, the sector faces challenges such as securing energy supply and price fluctuations, especially against the backdrop of geopolitical tensions and dependence on fossil fuel imports. Innovations in storage technologies and energy efficiency are also key factors in Europe’s current energy policy.

Development of the Changing Recruitment Market in the Energy Workforce

Industry Experts continue to see the current shortage of skilled workers as dramatic and speak of a staff crisis. This is also confirmed by the figures: The number of job advertisements in the solar industry was 52,000 in 2022, more than double compared to 2019.

There’s a rapidly increasing shortage of qualified workers in the solar and wind industries, which could potentially slow down the energy transition. Particularly in the solar industry, the demand for technicians is urgent​​. The figures also prove this. The first half of the current year already saw 36,000 job postings, indicating a record year. Most sought-after professions include technicians for sanitation, heating, and air conditioning, construction electricians, and project managers. Notably, the demand for roofers has surged significantly, with solar companies increasingly seeking their services​​.

The number of job advertisements
in the solar industry was

in 2022, more than double compared to 2019.

Currently, about 130,000 people work in the wind industry and 58,500 in the solar sector in Germany. The increasing demand in these areas highlights the need for more investment in training and education of the workforce​​.

The high demand for skilled workers in the wind and solar sectors is intensifying competition for already scarce skilled workers, necessitating making jobs in renewable energies more well-known and attractive​​.

Attracting the right target group:
Specific specialists require sensitivity

Focus on Passive Candidates: Target highly skilled professionals, especially in sectors like energy, who are passively looking for jobs and not actively browsing job boards.
Social Media & SEO Engagement: Utilize appealing social media and search engine advertising to draw attention to your employer brand.
Targeted Multi-Media Strategy: Employ a targeted and diverse recruitment strategy to effectively reach skilled workers in a market with a shortage of such talent.
Strong Online Presence: Position your brand on platforms where candidates are most active, including various social media channels and niche forums.
Streamlined Recruitment Process: Simplify and optimize the recruitment process to engage and attract the right talent efficiently.

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