Success at Redington: Hiring a complete tech team in a new city

The challenge

Imagine this. You have 2 months to recruit a whole IT team in a city your company has never recruited in before, with practically zero employer brand awareness AND a non-existent network within the IT community there.

Most TA professionals would resort to working with agencies when facing a similar challenge. But not Scott Johnson, VP of Talent Discovery at Redington. He tasked his CTO, Adam Jones with recruiting five software developers, including a team lead, for their new office in Bristol.

Instead of relying on agencies, grinding through CV databases, and racking up cold outreaches to candidates, he decided to organize a local tech meetup and promote the event online, instead.



company size

+250 employees


Finance and banking


Investment Consulting, ALM, Risk Budgeting, Investment Strategy, Manager Research & Selection, pensions, finance, ESG, DC Investment und DB Investment


London, Bristol, Beijing

The Outcomes

£ 20.000

saved compared to using agencies, and invaluable employer brand exposure for Redington within the Bristol tech community

1,4 Millionen

online impressions


video views




event registrations




candidates added to the pipeline


candidates interviewed


hires (including a lead developer)

The solution


1. Leading with the brand & purpose, instead of the jobs

To combat their main recruitment challenges – poor reputation and lack of brand awareness – Scott and the team at Redington decided to elevate their employer brand:

‘We needed to change this narrative by being more creative, so we did some work on energising our brand and telling our story.’, explains Kav Patel, Head of People.

They came up with the idea to organize a meetup, where they could showcase their company purpose of making 100 million people financially secure.

‘The event was a great success! Fifty five people showed up -about a third and a third and a third from the IT, Tech community and Social Enterprise, who were really interested in what Redington does and also made some useful connections within that community. So we positioned this as a meet up, and ultimately it gave us an engaged community from which to hire from in the future.’
Adam Jones
Businesswoman laptop using ,Social, media, Marketing concept.

2. Creating compelling messages and delivering them to the right audience

To promote the event, Scott worked with Redington’s Head of Brand & Creative Marketing, Nick Martin, to create content that communicated Redington’s purpose and invited people to the event.

They then got the content in front of the right audiences at the right time by activating the power highly-targeted media. In this case that meant Social media (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter), online communities (Reddit and StackOverflow), and ad networks (Google Display and Google Search).

‘To fulfill our objectives we’ve created a series of messages….Then we went on delivering these messages through sharing them via various channels using strong imagery, great copy and some really strong engaging video.’
Nick Martin
Head of Creative
Young charming woman calling with cell telephone while sitting alone in coffee shop during free time, attractive female with cute smile having talking conversation with mobile phone while rest in cafe

3. A focus on conversations instead of applications

Everyone who registered for the event was contacted by Scott right away. Rather than diving straight into recruitment conversations, Scott thanked people for registering and asked them what motivated them to do so. This led to meaningful exchanges, some of which naturally led to employment-related topics.
Shortly after the event Scott managed to fill all five of his tech vacancies while also building a strong candidate pipeline.

The Case Study at a glance

Download here a compact overview of the case study as a PDF file.

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