Finding the Right Candidates: How to Write a Great Job Advert

The job market is constantly evolving, and there are times when the scales tip in favor of employers. Fewer vacancies and more job hunters results in a candidate-rich landscape. In such a scenario, while one might expect recruitment to be a breeze, the reality can be quite the opposite. With an abundance of candidates, it’s crucial not just to get a high quantity but the right quality. After all, the perfect fit goes beyond just ticking boxes. This is where writing a great job advert with a clear and concise job description can make the hiring process smoother for both you, and the candidates. 

Why is a Great Job Advert Even More Essential in a Candidate-Rich Market?

In a candidate-rich market, the sheer volume of applicants can be overwhelming. Yet, quantity without quality can lead to wasted time, resources, and missed opportunities. 

Think about it: Is it preferable to sift through 100 candidates to find just a couple that fit, or to receive 10 highly tailored applications?  

While tools like VONQ Job Post, our multiposting technology, can significantly aid in expanding your reach, quality recruitment begins with a well-crafted job advert.

A great, well-written, job advert serves dual purposes: to present the company positively and to attract candidates with the desired skill set and mindset. Think of it like a dating profile—it’s about presenting the best of yourself in an honest and succinct way. An ill-defined job description can attract a multitude of unsuitable candidates, whereas a clear, precise description can act as a magnet for the ideal fit.

Key Components of an Effective Job Description

  • Clear Job Title: This is a candidate’s first impression, this is likely how they will find your job advert. Keep it clear, relevant, and devoid of jargon.
  • Role Summary: Offer a concise snapshot of the role’s purpose, its alignment with company goals, working hours, and location.
  • Key Responsibilities: Detail the primary tasks and reportage structure. Clarity here ensures candidates understand the scope and can tailor their applications accordingly.
  • Skills and Qualifications: Differentiate between essentials and desirables. This clarity ensures a wider range of applications, including from women and minorities who may hesitate to apply if they don’t feel they fit all of the criteria. By not clarifying which skills are essential, you could be dissuading the perfect candidate from applying.
  • Culture and Company Overview: Share a glimpse into the company’s ethos, events, and growth opportunities. Given the significant time spent at work, candidates appreciate insights into their potential colleagues and work environment. Most of us spend more time at work than even with our friends or family, so naturally we want to know the kind of people we will be working for and with.
  • Benefits and Compensation: While you don’t need to specify exact figures, giving an idea about compensation range is very helpful to ensure you are attracting candidates with realistic expectations to the salary you have in mind. A Linkedin Study showed that 91% of jobseekers, across all roles and industries, agreed that including the salary range affects their decision to apply for a role. Don’t forget to highlight benefits such as health, insurance, pension, flexible work options, and unique perks, like a pet-friendly workspace.
  • Clear Call to Action (CTA): Offer a straightforward path for candidates to follow, whether it’s a direct application link or a contact email.
  • Application deadline: By providing a timeline, you enable candidates to prioritize and tailor their applications effectively.
  • Transparent Hiring Process: Outline the subsequent stages post-application. This transparency aids candidates in managing their commitments and helps set accurate expectations. In the recent Talent Experience report from iCIMs, they found that 72% of respondents expect the application process to take less than 3 weeks.

Extra Tips for making your Job Advert Stand Out in a Candidate-Rich Market

  • Be Authentic: Infuse company personality into the job ad—it differentiates and resonates.
  • Use Inclusive Language: Aim for a universally appealing description. 
  • Harness Technology: Advanced recruitment marketing platforms, like VONQ, can help you target the right audience, and there is a wealth of AI tech out there to help you write clear and concise copy. Free Applications like Grammerly and Hemingway can help you make sure your text is accurate and accessible to read. Don’t forget: While AI can be a powerful ally, remember to refine and personalize your descriptions to retain authenticity.

Still need help? Get in touch

Crafting a great job advert is an art and a science. In a candidate-rich market, it’s not just about casting the widest net, but also about casting it strategically. By ensuring clarity, precision, and authenticity in your job adverts, you can attract not just many candidates, but the right ones.

Still feeling adrift in the sea of recruitment? At VONQ, our recruitment marketing experts are poised to guide you. Whether it’s precision targeting via our Job Marketing solution, efficiency for high-volume recruiting by multiposting with Job Post, or if you need tailored help with your recruitment strategy or employer branding, we are here to help!


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