Multiposting – Amplify Your Reach with a Single Click

In times when artificial intelligences like ChatGPT are creating texts for job advertisements, their posting should be just as simple. However, job ads are still often manually created and published. Fortunately, there are already helpful tools available for posting. One of them is multiposting.

Find out what multiposting is, how it can make your search for suitable talent more cost-effective and streamlined with just one click in this blog. Enjoy!

What is Multiposting?

Multiposting refers to the automatic posting of a job advertisement on various channels. Multiple ads can be uploaded simultaneously, with just one click, to job boards and social media platforms. The advantage is that the ad only needs to be created once. Why Multiposting? – 3 Key Benefits Multiposting offers essential benefits through the automatic selection of channels.

Why choose multiposting?

Multiposting offers essential benefits through the automatic selection of channels.

Benefit 1: Expanded Candidate Pool

By posting your job ads on multiple platforms, you increase their visibility and reach a diverse range of candidates. Actively job-seeking individuals on job boards and passive talent on social media can both be targeted, giving you access to a wider pool of potential hires.

Benefit 2: Time and Cost Efficiency

With multiposting, you can create your ad once and distribute it across multiple channels, eliminating the need for separate ads for each platform. This not only saves time but also reduces costs as you don’t have to pay for individual ads. You can focus your efforts on reviewing applicants instead.

Benefit 3: Transparency

Managing your job ads becomes much easier with multiposting. Instead of checking each channel individually, you can access all your ad information in one centralized hub. This transparency allows you to monitor ad performance, ensure optimal channel utilization, and continuously measure and improve your recruitment strategies.

How does multiposting work?

You can access multiposting services through agencies, online portals, or specialized software. The advertising contracts for various platforms are already negotiated by the multiposting provider, simplifying the process for you.

To start multiposting:

1. Select a Service Provider:

Research different multiposting providers and consider factors such as the variety of channels offered, consulting services available, software transparency, and pricing. Choose the provider that best suits your needs.

2. Create a Candidate Profile:

Enter the necessary details for each position into the system, including the job title, description, requirements, and any other specific aspects.

3. Select Channels:

The following categories should be considered. Keep in mind that each class has its advantages and disadvantages. A mix of channels from different categories is often recommended.

  • Generalist Job Boards

These platforms cover a wide range of industries, regions, and professions. Due to their popularity, they are heavily utilized by job seekers. Examples include StepStone, Monster, LinkedIn, or XING.

Advertisements on these highly frequented platforms undoubtedly achieve a broad reach. However, it’s important to consider potential losses due to the broad targeting.

  • Specialized Job Boards

These niche job boards primarily focus on specific professional fields. For example, there are platforms like for engineering jobs or for IT jobs.

Here, you can target job seekers more precisely, although visitor numbers might be lower.

  • Job Aggregators

These platforms function as search engines for job ads, displaying offers from various sources. Job seekers get a consolidated view of vacancies and are redirected to the respective websites with a single click. Indeed is the most well-known job aggregator.

  • Regional Job Boards

They often cover only a specific region. One of the most well-known regional job boards is

4. Analyzing and Optimizing Results

Evaluate the performance of your job ads. Ask yourself:

  • Which channels generated many applicants?
  • Which channels generated the most qualified applicants?
  • Which channels were particularly cost-effective?

Based on this analysis, optimize your channel selection.

Conclusion – Multiposting

In conclusion, multiposting is a valuable tool that simplifies and streamlines the recruitment process. It is particularly beneficial for organizations with frequent hiring needs and specialized positions. Selecting the right service provider and channels is crucial for success. Embrace the power of multiposting and witness how it optimizes your recruitment process, elevating your talent acquisition endeavors to new heights.


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