Comparing VONQ’s Campaign Performance (formerly Recruitment Analytics) and Google Analytics

More than half of all recruiters surveyed stated in a study that the collection and analysis of data on the recruiting process is a top priority for them. To optimize your online recruiting and generate more quality applicants, you need to make decisions based on performance metrics. How many views and clicks did your job posts and ads get? How long did it take to find the right applicant? Which channels were the most effective? 

You can collect the necessary data using different tools and one of the most commonly used is Google Analytics – perhaps the ultimate measurement and analysis tool for online data. In this blog we show the differences using Google Analytics and VONQ’s Campaign Performance as a feature of Job Marketing and what advantages both solutions offer.

Complexity and performance data with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably the most widespread solution when it comes to collecting and evaluating key figures on your own website. The range of functions and complexity are correspondingly extensive, and familiarization with the tool can take some time and energy. Often using Google means recruiters need to involve their company’s marketing department to support them to gather the online recruiting performance data.

Measure the entire applicant journey out-of-the-box with Campaign Performance

VONQs Campaign Performance report in Job Marketing automatically shows performance KPIs that are relevant for success in online recruiting. Like: 

  • How many applicants does each job ad produce?
  • Through which media channels (job board, social media, niche site) do the right applicant come?
  • What is the conversion rate from all the views on the job ad to the number of applications actually submitted?

Campaign Performance focuses on the data that matters to you and your online job marketing strategy, without all the effort and clutter of Google Analytics. From the first contact to the application submission, you can measure, interpret and optimize all steps of your online recruiting, while getting a better understanding of the applicant’s behavior along the way. 

Job Marketing tracks the traffic on your career page. This allows recruiters to see how many applicants are on the career page, how many views, clicks and applications are generated by the open jobs.

Request a demo and get to know Campaign Performance as part of Job Marketing

You want your KPIs transparent for each job opening so that you know exactly which sources applicants use to find their way to submitting an application and how they behave on your career page until they finally apply. We are happy to demo VONQs Job Marketing in just 30 minutes and answer all your open questions.

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