What Customer Success at VONQ and your next holiday have in common

Author: Christian van Stiphoudt, Strategic Customer Success Manager

Finally, the time has come. Imagine you’re sitting at the wheel of your car, driving off to your long-awaited holiday. The bags are packed and you have a destination clear in your mind. Only one thing could even improve the situation: A co-driver who accompanies you on your way to your destination, suggests the best, and quickest routes, provides you with valuable knowledge on the journey, and knows exactly what is going on, and brings some fun.

Customer Success works in a similar way at VONQ. Admittedly, even though we like to go on holiday, it would be a little strange if we got into the car with you. But in a metaphorical sense, that’s exactly what it is: A reliable co-pilot who supports you in your day-to-day business while you keep a firm grip on the wheel and set the destination.

Here are 5 reasons why you will become more successful with the support of the VONQ Customer Success Team:

1. Our job is to achieve your goals

Cost reduction, time savings, greater flexibility, a wider choice of media channels, or deeper insights into important KPIs to keep track of the performance of recruiting campaigns are just some of the reasons why companies choose VONQ.

Also, the goals and expectations of a new technology partner are diverse. In an open exchange, we define your individual goals at the beginning of the cooperation. In regular strategy meetings, we monitor the roadmap and define areas of improvement, thus ensuring that you achieve your goals.

2. A dedicated contact person

At the beginning of the cooperation, we will provide you with a permanent contact person from our Customer Success Team who will provide you with comprehensive support for all questions, challenges, and projects. The advantage for you is that there is no general hotline or collective mailbox with changing contact persons. We consistently implement the one-face-to-the-customer principle with the aim of getting to know you and your company better and better. In this way, we establish long-term cooperation based on partnership.

Your Customer Success Manager continues to be the internal interface to other VONQ departments, such as the Operations Team or external stakeholders (job boards, technology partners). This way, urgent issues can be implemented or further prioritized quickly. Our promise: We will respond to your requests within one working day and keep you regularly updated on more complex requests.

3. The perfect start for you and your team

Beginnings don’t have to be hard! Regardless of how large or small your HR team is and how experienced the employees are in dealing with new programs, we ensure a smooth start. Your Customer Success Manager is a professional in setting up the selected tools and services and adapting them to your individual needs as far as possible. We always take sufficient time for the preparation, implementation, and follow-up of the system introductions. Your new colleagues can also arrange a personal system introduction at any time.

We monitor the quality of our sessions through ongoing surveys and adapt them dynamically to the needs of new users. We also ensure that company accounts (e.g. XING, LinkedIn, StepStone) are correctly linked and that relevant images (Facebook, Instagram, Google) are stored. This way, all requirements are set for your first campaign.

4. Individual media recommendation & performance monitoring

With the VONQ Job Marketing solution, you reach your target groups data-based and without stray advertising on the media channels that are most relevant to them. With access to over 5,000 national and international media, all doors are open to you. Regardless of whether you already know the media landscape like the back of your hand or it’s all still new territory for you: Your Customer Success Manager will be at your side as a reliable co-driver, advising you on the day-to-day business of your Road To Success. Even without puns, if you wish.

Once your recruiting campaign has been launched, the performance is measured on the individual media, among other things in the form of candidate interactions, and you can follow the (interim) results in real-time via a dashboard. In order to react flexibly to the market, the Customer Success Team proactively offers you an exchange of information on your campaign during its runtime. In this way, performance can be improved through adjustments and a direct influence can be exerted on the success of the campaign.

5. Market knowledge & project management

From agribusiness, construction, and chemicals to finance and tourism, our Customer Success team has extensive market knowledge and is aware of current developments and trends. But that’s not all. We know that there are strong differences between the target groups within the industries and that they also have to be reached and addressed differently accordingly. Here we support you with best practices and give you exclusive insights into which approaches other clients have been most successful with.

We are also at your side for larger projects. Are you looking for employees to open a new location or are you constantly on the lookout for IT specialists? You are not alone in this. Where traditional recruiting campaigns reach their limits, we open up new horizons together with you. Because: One size does not fit all.

What’s next?

Sounds exciting? If you still have questions, get in touch with us. We will be happy to tell you more about the added value of Customer Success for your recruiting strategy and introduce you to the VONQ Job Marketing solution… What are you waiting for?

Author: Christian van Stiphoudt


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