4 Things To Consider Before Investing In Recruitment Technology

Recruitment technologies are critical for ensuring that your organization maintains a competitive advantage in your talent strategy. That being said, just having the analytics is not enough. To be behind the steering wheel of your recruitment success at all times, you must be able to consume, interpret and then act upon the data. And, let’s face it – what is a better way to do that than having the right Campaign Performance technology in the place. So, let’s look at the four (4) things to consider before investing in the right recruitment technology, shall we?

Why investing in recruitment technology?

Collecting data about your candidates’ engagement throughout their entire journey – from source to hire – helps you take better decisions and draw some valuable conclusions. It offers the chance to learn and improve your process using reports and analytics. When there is a record of where your candidates come from (which job boards, social media or referral routes), how long it took your eventual hire to move from a potential candidate to a qualified applicant, it’s possible to draw conclusions and adjust your recruitment strategy if needed.

But not all technologies are created equal. So, here is a guide with 4 things to look out for in a recruitment technology:

  • Career site performance data to measure it all

In order to measure the full candidate journey, break your traffic down and attribute it to the right channels you need to know how candidates behave on your website – from source to hire.

So make sure that the recruitment technology you select tracks candidate engagement on all of the following:

Career page → Job page → Application form → Applicants → Qualified applicants

Tracking candidate engagement on those will help you find the answers to:

  • Which is your top source for qualified applicants;
  • In what moment your candidates drop off the most;
  • Is your application form too long;
  • Are you targeting the right candidates;
  • Which part of the candidate journey you can optimise;
  • Your overall conversion rate.

  • Channel performance data for smart media decisions

To avoid the old-fashioned recruitment approach of simply spray and pray, you need to know where your qualified applicants come from. Collecting data on the best online sources for your specific audience is essential. Rich channel performance should provide detailed information on your top performing channels: which channels drive most traffic, and which channels drive qualified applicants the most.

Knowing your top performing channels allows you to optimize your media budget, make smart decisions based on data insights, and eventually boost your employer brand awareness among your target audience.

  • A great dashboard to visualize all relevant data

Often, the challenge is not mining data, it’s understanding it.

Having an easy-to-grasp, intuitive dashboard is essential for being able to quickly interpret and draw conclusions from your data results. A great dashboard is one that is fully focused on providing data that is relevant for you and your specific recruitment marketing efforts.

  • Easy to connect to any Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

To increase ease of use, save time on the job posting, and enjoy a seamless user experience between your ATS and the various other systems you use, it is important to opt for a Campaign Performance technology that can easily connect to your ATS.

What's next?

So, let’s recap! When you want to invest in technology, there are 4 things you need to look for: 1. Career site performance data; 2. Channel performance data; 3. A great dashboard to visualize it all; and 4. Technology that can easily connect to your ATS.

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