VONQ supports VERRA project Mekong Delta Water Purifier

In the heart of Vietnam lies the Mekong Delta, renowned for its lush landscapes and vital waterways. But behind this natural beauty lies a pressing challenge – access to clean, safe drinking water. To mark World Water Day, we spotlight a sign of hope: the Mekong Delta Water Purifier Project, led by VERRA and supported by VONQ.

The situation in the Mekong Delta

Imagine the paradox of living in one of the world’s most fertile regions where water, the essence of life, is scarce and often unsafe. With a dense population of 394 people per square kilometer, most of whom depend on agriculture, the water demand is immense. Yet over 50% of the population relies on untreated water sources, and 20% have no access to fresh water. The looming threat of climate change, with salinity intrusion predicted to affect 30% of the delta by 2030, is exacerbating the water crisis.

Transforming lives through the power of clean water

Enter the VERRA Mekong Delta Water Purifier Project. This initiative isn’t just about installing water purifiers; it’s about revolutionizing communities providing clean water, hope, and empowerment.

We’ve been touched by stories like that of a local farmer whose family has struggled to find clean water for generations. Since installing a community water purifier, his family and neighbors now enjoy clean water, leading to improved health and more time to focus on education and livelihoods.

VONQ’s role: Supporting Sustainability and Awareness

We provide financial support and advocacy for sustainable water solutions. We believe in creating a ripple effect that inspires others to join this vital mission.

Join the wave of change

The fight against water scarcity is far from over, and VERRA can’t do it alone. We invite you to be part of the journey towards a sustainable future. Your support, whether through donations, advocacy, or volunteering, can move this initiative forward. Stay informed, get involved, and let’s turn the tide around.

Celebrating World Water Day, let’s pledge to protect this precious resource. For the people of the Mekong Delta and vulnerable communities around the world, every drop of clean water is a step towards a better, healthier future.

More details about the project: 

This project covers the distribution of water purifiers to households and small and medium-sized businesses in the Mekong River Delta provinces of Vietnam. In this region, many people use traditional wood-burning cookstoves to boil water. The project aims to decrease wood-fuel consumption by eliminating the need to purify water. This helps to reduce deforestation and the emission of greenhouse gases caused by wood burning. This, in turn, will improve public health and contribute to Vietnam’s climate change response and sustainable development goals.

To achieve the initial targeted volume of emission reductions, the project plans to disseminate 600,000 safe drinking water purifiers (SDWPs).

Source: https://www.mekongproject.com/



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