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VONQ HAPI Copilot, the most comprehensive
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In today’s dynamic job market, the landscape of talent acquisition is rapidly evolving. With the advent of technologies like ChatGPT, which enable job applicants to apply for more than 2,000 jobs with a simple click, the pressure on global talent teams to adapt and automate their Talent Acquisition processes has never been greater.
The opportunity presented by this shift is nothing short of massive. Recent research from Bullhorn AI, in their October 2023 report, reveals a staggering statistic: approximately two-thirds of all HR teams are actively exploring the use of Gen AI for sourcing talent within the next 12 months. This statistic underscores the urgency and significance of embracing innovative solutions in talent acquisition.
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At VONQ, we understand the challenges and opportunities that this new era presents to recruiters and HR professionals. Our mission is to empower you with cutting-edge tools and solutions that align seamlessly with the evolving needs of the industry. We’re here to help you navigate the changing landscape and harness the potential of Gen AI to enhance your sourcing and recruitment strategies.

VONQ welcomes ATS and HCM management software companies to explore our latest innovation: VONQ HAPI Copilot, the HRTech industry’s most comprehensive ChatGPT Copilot solution. This powerful solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your software, offering new possibilities in talent acquisition.

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Why VONQ HAPI Copilot?

Enhance Your ATS and HCM Offerings

Find out how VONQ HAPI Copilot can elevate your ATS and HCM software solutions. Explore the competitive edge it provides and how it can benefit your clients.

A Win-Win Partnership

Learn how VONQ HAPI Copilot can open up new revenue streams for your business while delivering significant value to your customers.

Key Features of VONQ HAPI Copilot

The features that make VONQ HAPI Copilot an ideal choice for ATS and HCM software companies. Learn how it can be smoothly integrated into your existing platforms. HAPI Copilot leverages the capabilities of Large Language Models, including:

Generative AI: automates sourcing tools to evaluate and update large talent pipelines, unlocking untapped candidate potential.

Reasoning & Parsing Abilities: Ensure accuracy in skills-based hiring assessments.

Automation Agents: Provide candidates with instant, customized communications, all synthesized, structured, and updated within the ATS, redefining the candidate experience and making it more personalized.

The system operates in real-time, enabling it to assess candidates and engage with job applicants, offering guidance throughout the recruitment process. Given that slow response times often lead to candidate drop-offs, this capability has the potential to reshape the HR function significantly.

Our extensive testing has shown that Large Language Models consistently extract highly relevant candidate data. Considering that there are over 9 billion machine-readable CVs in the US alone, this advancement paves the way for a new generation of Talent Acquisition tools that will revolutionize the way companies approach hiring.

HAPI Copilot will seamlessly integrate with ATS and HCM platforms, requiring only a straightforward update to VONQ’s Hiring API (HAPI). Our objective is to enable HR professionals to shift their focus away from processes and toward meaningful interactions with people.

How VONQ HAPI Copilot Benefits Your Clients

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Productivity gains by providing real-time candidate assessment and communication

HAPI Copilot meets the growing demand for Gen AI-powered talent acquisition, in line with the intentions of nearly two-thirds of HR teams in the US and Europe, according to recent Bullhorn AI research (October 2023).

We believe, that this innovative solution offers recruiters the potential for over 40% productivity gains by providing real-time candidate assessment and communication, effectively addressing the issue of slow response times, a common cause of candidate drop-off.
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efficiency gains by strategically deploying GenAI tools

Industry analysts project that large staffing firms can achieve impressive efficiency gains of over 25% in their Talent Acquisition processes by strategically deploying GenAI tools. This optimized approach also enables them to tap into their talent pools more effectively, leading to substantial cost savings in job marketing efforts.

Interested in HAPI Copilot and exploring a partnership with VONQ? Contact us today to discuss how we can collaborate to deliver innovative talent acquisition solutions to your clients.

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