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With 2000+ clients we greatly increase the right traffic to your media channel

Fully algorithm-based

VONQ’s Recruitment Marketing Platform offers recruiters an advice on the best media channels’ mix for targeting the right talent. Our technology’s advice is always based on relevance, fully automated and algorithm-powered for a perfect fit between recruiters’ needs and highly qualified candidates’ search.

Unparalleled international reach

With an ever-growing portfolio of over 2000 media channels with a total coverage in more than 130 markets we offer unparalleled international reach for your media channel. VONQ’s Recruitment Marketing Platform can also integrate with any ATS, which further increases your media channel’s reach and traffic worldwide.

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Huge traffic boost

With VONQ’s recruitment marketing technology and our 110+ smart recruitment marketing experts, we ensure huge traffic boost to your media channel. We have the biggest media channel portfolio out there – generic and niche job boards, social media channels, and online hubs & communities – which makes us a key partner to have on your side. 

Meet our media partners

Our media partners include generic and niche job boards, social media channels and online hubs & communities. Here is a fraction of our media partners:

2000+ customers and counting

Our ever-growing customer database guarantees a steady flow of traffic to your media channel

"VONQ provides timely, accurate and innovative solutions to the talent engagement challenges we face on a daily basis. We value highly working with an expert like them!"