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Measure your recruitment marketing campaigns

Measuring your recruitment marketing efforts can save you time and optimize your recruitment marketing strategy. Our cutting-edge technology collects data that can help you make informed hiring decisions and keep you up to date with the trends in the hiring industry. We provide valuable insight to refine your acquisition strategy.

A powerful hiring campaign strategy consists of three valuable components.

Job Posting

Volume Recruitment

Employer Branding

Finally, the most critical and final step of any hiring marketing strategy is measuring its success and analysing any areas for improvement.

In the following guide, you will find key information about recruitment marketing strategies and how to measure their success.

Attract potential candidates proactively!

You have a job opening. Now what?

Which recruitment channels are you going to use to distribute it? Should you include paid media channels or stick to the free ones only? Can you predict the outcomes? How do you get high quality hires? Finally, and most importantly, is there a way to reduce your time and cost per hire while increasing the quality of hires?

If you struggle to find the answers to these questions, you need to shift gears and rethink your recruitment marketing approach. A shift from being reactive towards a more proactive approach; from simply post-and-pray towards focusing on proactively attracting candidates.

Recruitment marketing is all about choosing the right channels

You want to attract only qualified candidates

You need to customize your approach per job ad with the help of Recruitment Marketing Techniques

Innovative recruitment technology is key to help with this customization

Why should you measure your recruitment campaigns?

Many HR leaders don’t track their recruitment marketing campaigns, and some don’t even know where to start when it comes to analyzing how successful a campaign is.

There are several indicators that you can measure to get started. The first thing you want to do is look at your ongoing recruitment marketing strategy and find any areas for potential improvement.

Key KPIs to measure your recruitment marketing campaigns

Application Completion Rate


Cost Per Hire

Quality of Hire

Offer Acceptance Rate

Application Completion Rate

Many applicants start to fill out an application but never complete it. This is a common obstacle for recruiters. Candidates can get busy, distracted, bored, or even self eliminate themselves from the process, thinking they are not good enough for the position.

This is a crucial indicator of your application process’ simplicity. A high application abandonment could mean your process is too long, complicated or misleading.


This is the amount of time it takes to hire an employee. Time-to-hire is calculated from the moment the candidate starts the application until the second they are officially hired.

Cost Per Hire

Cost per hire is one of the most fundamental metrics to consider. Unfortunately, many Talent Acquisition teams become so focused on cost-cutting that they stop using the most effective hiring channels. For this reason, we recommend that cost-per-hire be used in conjunction with other metrics, such as quality-of-hire so that TA teams consider cost in the context of impact.

Quality of Hire

Improving the quality of hire is a challenge that companies have struggled with for years. You need a clear idea of who you want to hire to develop an effective plan to reach them. You need to start by crafting a solid and well-targeted job ad for a specific candidate persona and pay special attention to distributing the ad to the relevant audience. For this, you need extensive knowledge of all the relevant media channels your potential candidates might be using.

Offer Acceptance Rate

It isn’t easy to find the right candidate for a position, let alone find one who will accept it. More times than we would like, candidates, end up declining an offer.

While this is a normal part of the process, it is still an important indicator of your recruitment process. Suppose most candidates are not accepting the offers. In that case, there is clearly something wrong with your recruitment marketing strategy that needs to be fixed.

This is why the offer acceptance rate should be one of the main KPIs you track, to have a solid reference of your strategy and its success.

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