Into the team: What do you ask our consultants?

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Into the team: What do you ask our consultants?

At VONQ, we think it’s priority to have our recruitment teams’ backs. And because so many of you call in to our consultants, we were curious to know what your most asked question is.. So we talked to our VONQie Dennis. 👀

VONQie Dennis: “Often, clients ask us how many hires or applicants they can expect from their campaign. For us, this is quite difficult to immediately give an answer to, because there are so many different factors at play! Think of employer brand, image, the scarcity of the target audience, the client’s website and candidate journey through that website, and whether they have an application form (that’s good). And of course, the right mediamix and the right timing – which we do have a hand in.”

So, what happens then?

Dennis: “I ask clients follow-up questions, like – what is your cv to hiring ratio? This means I ask them how many cv’s they need to invite someone to an interview, followed by how many interviews they generally need to hire a person. Often, these are questions they don’t have an answer to yet – but it’s data that’s of crucial importance to us to really say something about the expectations regarding their campaign!”

Meaning that if they don’t have answers to these hiring questions..

Dennis: “If clients don’t have their data complete, we unfortunately don’t have magical answers for them. We first work from data – results from thousands of campaigns – and share advise on this basis. A combination of our experience, data insights and customer input! By talking to us about the way they work during the recruitment process, we can advise our clients to think about the answers to their biggest recruitment questions. And yes, we help them find the most effective route! This way, it’s easier to get to that successful job ad campaign in the long run.”

Wanna know how to get onto the road to qualified candidates too and have an honest discussion with a VONQie like Dennis? Easy.