Recruitment Analytics FAQ

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, our tracking solution is GDPR compliant by processing the data in the following way:

Our tracking solution is sending raw data to our data pipeline. This raw data, next to other data points, contains the IP address as the only data point that is deemed as PII data. We anonymise this IP address in the enrichment process and assign a hashed ID to it, that will replace the IP address itself.

The IP address will be kept in our raw events logs though for 30 days after which we fully clear our events logs including all the IP addresses. The reason for storing this for 30 days is that we would like to be able to backup and restore data in a critical event.

Do you support cross-browser tracking?

Yes, we do support cross-browser tracking, but only if the cookie is set in both browsers on the same device i.e. a candidate is using multiple browsers on his laptop and if the cookie is set in Chrome and Firefox we can tie this back to one user in the case when a candidate saw your job advertisements in Chrome but finished the application in Firefox.

Do you support cross-device tracking?

No, we don’t support cross-device tracking at the moment, but working on a solution for this. This might mean that candidates have seen your job advertisements on mobile and used their desktop to apply for a position. In this case traffic is not associated to that channel as such and must often be shown as direct traffic to your career page.

I’m already using Google Analytics. How can I further benefit from Recruitment Analytics of the Job Marketing Platform?

See this graph for a quick comparison between Google Analytics and the Recruitment Analytics of the Job Marketing Platform.

I’m already getting data insights from my ATS reporting tools. How can I further benefit from Recruitment Analytics?

See this graph for a quick comparison between an ATS reporting tools and the Recruitment Analytics of the Job Marketing Platform.


How do I get started with Recruitment Analytics?

Getting started with Recruitment Analytics is easy as 1, 2, 3!

All you need to do is:

  1. 1. Log into your Job Marketing Platform’s account;
  2. 2. Click on the tab Analytics;
  3. 3. Click on the Get Started button. You’ll then be guided through the simple process of activating Recruitment Analytics.

Who in my organisation do I need to contact to place our code snippets?

Placing a code snippet on your career pages and the right pages in your candidate journey requires a bit of technical knowledge but it’s quite easy.

However, in most cases you can’t do it yourself because you probably don’t have access to the right tools to do so. Don’t worry because we can help you out or you can ask your own IT department or Web team to place the snippets for you. This requires just a few minutes, but please let us know when they’re placed, so that we can run a small test to see if everything is set up correctly.

How long does it take to place the code snippets?

It will take your IT department or an external web team just a few minutes to place the codes snippets on the right places on your career site.

Once you’ve installed all code snippets on your career site, we need to run a validation and see that the tracking is already active. So, go ahead and click on the Request Support button to let us know. Use the same form for any additional technical support you might need.

How do you know where my visitors are coming from?

Our tracking solution works similar to i.e. Google Analytics, so we will be able to capture the sources from which visitors are visiting your pages and how they move through your career page. This, in a combination with our own re-direct URL that we attach to each job advertisement, is how we can tell where users come from.


I only see an example of a dashboard? How do I get access to it?

You can get access to your dashboard by contacting us. We will walk and talk you through the process, and provide assistance and support where needed. You can reach out to us in the following ways:

  • Fill a request for access via the platform from the new analytics tab
  • Fill a request to your consultant

How do you measure visitors?

We measure visitors based on unique views on certain pages in your candidate journey i.e. the unique visitors on your career page, job page or application form.

How do you measure applicants?

Our tracking solution will fire an event on the moment a candidate saw your confirmation message that the application was successfully submitted. We will count and show this event as an applicant in your dashboard.

How are the conversion rates being calculated?

The conversion rates, that we show in our dashboards, are being calculated based on unique visitors that saw your ‘application was successfully submitted’ message divided by unique visitors for your application form * 100.

How do you calculate the cost per applicant?

The cost per applicant is calculated by dividing the cost for your campaign by the unique visitors that saw your ‘application was successfully submitted’ message.

How do you associate visitors and applicants to a channel in my campaign?

As mentioned above, each job advertisement will get its own unique redirect URL that will allow us to capture and measure from which job boards and job advertisements users are coming from.

What kind of information can I find at the funnel?

The funnel will give you information on the unique visitors for each step of the candidate journey. On a job level you can even see this on a channel level. The funnel is a good representation on what might need your focus, i.e. if you see a high number of visitors for your application form but a low number of applicants it might mean that your application form is too complicated or contains too many steps causing a big drop-off.

How do I benchmark my data against a previous period or other campaigns?

This is not possible yet, but we’re currently working on it, so keep an eye on upcoming releases and our messaging related this topic.

How do I request for more data to be displayed in my dashboard?

You can reach out to us via the chat functionality or by using the form on the ‘Start tracking in 5 simple steps‘ page to tell us what type of data you need and why you need this data and we will prioritise this accordingly.