Control & reduce your hiring costs

How to control hiring costs?

We all know that hiring and recruiting can be an expensive cost for any business — both in terms of time and money. Knowing how crucial hiring efficiently is in the new world of work, it’s important to think strategically and adapt proactively to optimize recruiting efforts and reduce costs per hire.

3 keys to help you cut the cost of recruiting new employees

Create a talent pipeline

  • Building a strong talent pipeline with skilled and diverse candidates helps recruiters in scouting the best candidates for any new vacancy at any point in time.
  • Have a strong employer brand: Attractive unique selling propositions set you apart from other companies and ensure that you have a larger supply of applicants.
  • Active sourcing: If no suitable people apply for your vacancies, active sourcing is a good way to take your luck into your own hands. Active sourcing means that people are specifically searched for and recruited on platforms such as LinkedIn.

Craft clear & compelling job postings

  • In today’s hyper-competitive job market, candidates can be discerning about what job posts they even engage with. Taking time to write compelling copy on your job posts is a simple and efficient strategy that will save you time and give better results.
  • Your job posting should be straightforward about not only the position and specific job duties but what your company is offering as value for the applicant. Listing a salary range is becoming the norm and a minimum expectation for applicants.

Use recruitment advertising tools

  • Even with the best-written job post, you can’t get qualified candidates if they never see your post. Automating your job posts ensures that they get seen by the right people at the right time, all while maximizing your ad spend and reducing cost per hire.
  • All-in-one recruitment solutions like VONQ make it a lot easier to write job posts and deploy them to major job boards and niche sites.

Strategy is key!

Eliminating costs per hire is impossible, but you can significantly reduce costs per hire by thinking strategically, and implementing the right tools and relationships. This approach is not only more cost-effective, but it also leads to overall better hiring decisions and better use of HR time and energy.

Let VONQ help you save time and money.

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