How to choose the right media

What are
media channels?

There’s an array of potential channels for posting jobs: job boards, niche sites, social media platforms, search engines, and discussion forums. So choosing the proper talent attraction channels can feel overwhelming.

Few recruiters have time to manually evaluate the performance of media channels and keep refreshing labor market knowledge. Therefore, many recruiters place job ads based on subjective experiences with a few channels or framework agreements with generic job boards, such as Indeed, Stepstone, or common social platforms like LinkedIn.

The solution: multiposting solutions
instead of tedious research

Recruiters can take the guesswork out of finding the best channels for target audiences with multipositing. Depending on your hiring goals, technology can handle everything from data-driven media selection to rapid distribution of posts for high online reach.

3 reasons to use job distribution technology

cost pressures

The current economic situation is forcing companies to look at more efficient methods of keeping ad spend as low as possible. Having the performance of channels in multiple systems makes it difficult to analyze what has worked well and what can be better saved in the future. For example, consolidated data can help decide which media are most effective per target group.

Save time while finding suitable applicants faster

Multiposting solutions have the advantage of fully automating important recruiting tasks. Media no longer have to research themselves and, depending on the solution, job ads can be distributed in just a few seconds. Transparent performance reports help in the final step to publish jobs even faster and reach suitable candidates even quicker. This results in a real win-win situation!

Shift from an employer's market to a candidate's market

Today, talents can choose between offers. In addition, candidates are often not even looking for a change. But candidate profiles are often so specific that they are not even available on the ordinary job market. Technology can be used to retrieve data on thousands of job titles to tailor the job ad to the target group's needs and the market.

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Job board, niche site, social –
the rule of thumb for the best media mix

To create as many online touchpoints as possible with a desired target group,
a mixture of different media channels is suitable.

Generalist job boards, such as Stepstone, Jobware, or Indeed

Niche and industry-specific sites

Social media platforms, such as XING, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube

Search engines, such as Google

Local and international

Communities and forums, such as Reddit

Save time and money
with job distribution

Whether you need your job ads to create the broadest possible online reach or pinpoint highly specific applicants for open positions – we offer the right solution with our VONQ Suite.

Take the guesswork out of media channels, target groups, and performance – and combine all things recruitment in one system!

How do job distribution technologies work?

To create as many online touchpoints as possible with a desired target group, a mixture of different media channels is suitable.

Automate more of your hiring process to attract talent

Sometimes, hundreds or thousands of positions often need to be filled in a short time. In these cases, it's best to choose a central solution that automates the entire job posting process. With VONQ Job Post, you select your individual media mix, and the system posts your job online on all channels in just a few seconds. As your campaign progresses, you'll also receive transparent performance reports that help you optimize the cost and time per hire for each position.

Target specific applicants

With VONQ Job Marketing, you only place your job ad online on the media channels that best reach your desired target audience. You can post your open jobs on over 5,000 recruiting channels from a single centralized platform and receive a single invoice for all channels. All the while, you track and monitor the effectiveness of your job posting across all channels in simple performance reports, allowing you to optimize your recruiting process based on data.

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