Boost your Employer Branding

How do I build a strong employer brand?

A solid and distinctive employer brand is the prerequisite for convincing as many talented people as possible that you are a top employer to work for. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done in a competitive market.

The employer brand and message must be communicated to the right target group via suitable channels to stand out from the crowd and create top reach job offers. Only then it can succeed in presenting you as an employer of choice to achieve your recruiting goals successfully.

3 benefits to creating a strong employer brand

Cost reduction

The better known the company and the more convincing the messages, the less budget has to be invested in job advertising in the long term. This is particularly useful when many candidates from a target group need to be reached.

Lower fluctuation rate

A strong employer brand also has positive effects on existing employees: those who identify with a brand and stand behind the company's messages tend to stay in the company longer.

Higher applicant rate

Promoting the employer brand also has a positive effect on the applicant rate. The higher the interest for a company, the faster the job ads will work.

Want to put your employer brand & job ads in the spotlight? We can help you.

Based on your hiring and employer branding goals, we’ll develop a tailored media strategy plan to tell your story to the right audience and promote your job opportunities to the right candidates.

Target group, media & performance data — successful hiring in 3 steps

Step 1: The target group as the basis

Size, socio-demographic characteristics, and online behavior of the target group form the basis for media selection. These also influence which channels are used to communicate the job offers and the employer brand in the first step.

Step 2: Development of an individual media strategy & candidate journey

The right media selection is the key to achieving recruitment and employer branding goals. To develop a successful media strategy, the right balance between job boards, niche sites, social media, forums and search engines along the candidate journey must be made - always taking into account the target group.

Step 3: Constant performance monitoring

To understand which channels ultimately bring in applicants, the performance of all media must be monitored. This is the only way to evaluate whether the media strategy has actually been successful. These findings can then be used to make targeted optimizations to the ads and media for better success.

VONQ Recruitment Marketing —
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Having a unique story around your employer brand is one thing, but telling that story to the right audience is another. To be successful and position yourself as a top employer, you need to reach the best candidates through appropriate media. We’ll develop your media strategy to meet your employer branding and recruitment goals – always measuring effectiveness for you.

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