Turn your ATS into an advanced recruitment suite

Offer recruiters a single place to select channels and manage jobs. "76% of recruiters believe that data-driven technology will be the greatest disruptor in recruitment in the coming years!", Gartner Customer 360 Summit

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Join the exciting world of predictive hiring

Predictive hiring is no longer the future. It is here to stay! With VONQ’s Recruitment Marketing¬†you are among the first to fully embrace predictive hiring and stay ahead of the curve.

Enable your customers to do more

Enable your customers to easily target the talent they are looking for by offering them a single system to manage jobs and do the media buying.

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"Given the complexity of modern recruiting, now is the time for organizations to invest in specialized talent acquisition tools such as VONQ and maintain data governance with a holistic view into recruitment marketing investments under one talent acquisition platform."

Susan Vitale Chief Marketing Officer at iCIMS

Become our next ATS partner

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