Add recruitment marketing via API to take your recruitment software to new heights.
Connect to VONQ’s platform API to add recruitment marketing to your software. Just what your customers needed to attract the right applicants!

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Boost your software. Delight your customers.

Add recruitment marketing to help your customers attract the right applicants. They hire better and faster, your recruitment software scales up!

Access to all job boards, social media channels and niche sites. Now also at your suite

Offer your customers direct access to the richest job media marketplace out there to fully eliminate the time-consuming contract management and media buying.

figure of the VONQ platform surrounding online media channels such as GitHub, LinkedIn and Instagram

Job ad performance data insights for your users. Finally

Offer your users data insights on the clicks their job ads got to help them shine as the savvy recruitment heroes they already are.

Graphic about recruitment analytics for Recruiters

Automated job distribution. Zero hassle for you

We’ll take care of posting the jobs on the selected channels, you’ll eliminate the hassle of managing job board integrations time and time again. And we’ll offer some attractive flexible payment options. 

figure of advantages of VONQ platform; no separate contracts, pre-contracted, reduced prices

You scale, we are all happy

Add recruitment marketing to your software to enjoy an extra revenue stream and please your almighty customers with a great new add-on to make them come back. Over and over again.

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