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Programmatic advertising is a method that uses algorithms to automate the buying and selling of (job) ads in real-time, ensuring they are placed most effectively at the lowest cost to the desired audience on various channels. Programmatic tools adjust prices dynamically to ensure you’re spending wisely, and it can stop campaigns instantly when jobs are filled. This makes recruiting both cost-effective and efficient.

The 5 Key Elements of Programmatic Job Advertising at VONQ

Campaign Setup and Activation

Once configured your job ads are distributed across selected channels. VONQ recommends the best channels for each job ad based on target group data, such as demographics, ensuring the best placement.

Real-Time Ad Space Buying

An automated, real-time bidding process strategically buys ad space on your chosen channels. The programmatic solution selects spaces that best match your campaign criteria and places ads within your budget, ensuring maximum visibility to your target audience.

Efficient Budget Control

With a “pay per performance” model, you only pay when a candidate clicks on a job ad or applies for a job. This model ensures that you spend money only on effective ads, enhancing budget efficiency.

Dynamic Adjustments

Campaigns are continually optimized based on real-time performance data. Adjustments may include updating ad content, reallocating the budget to more successful channels, or tweaking targeting parameters to better reach intended audiences.

Performance Monitoring

You can actively monitor the ad performance using metrics like views, clicks, and applications. This ongoing analysis is vital for measuring how effectively the ads meet your recruitment goals and to improve future campaigns.

Benefits of Programmatic Job Advertising with VONQ

Increased Efficiency and Time Savings: Automated processes from job ad importation to campaign setup and adjustments eliminate the need for manual entries, increasing speed and efficiency.
Cost Effectiveness: With performance-based pricing, you only pay for ads that perform, paired with real-time budget control, this ensures optimal investment returns and prevents over-spending.
Enhanced Reach: Your ads reach a global audience through VONQ’s extensive network of programmatic channels, from niche to major job portals, targeting a diverse candidate pool.

Expert Service and Support: Our experts guide you in campaign setup, distribution, and providing targeted training, ensuring you can launch and manage successful campaigns effortlessly.

Real-Time Optimization: Campaigns are adjusted on real-time data, with mechanisms to pause or stop based on achieving objectives, ensuring campaigns are always optimized for the best results.
Data-Driven Decisions: Get actionable insights from detailed analytics and real-time monitoring to make informed decisions that improve campaign performance and strategic adjustments.

Scalability and Flexibility:
Programmatic job advertising is easily scalable and flexible, allowing quick adaptation to changing market conditions and candidate behaviors without compromising quality or exceeding budget.

Improved Candidate Quality: Advanced targeting algorithms ensure your ads are seen by the most fitting candidates, with strategic ad placements increasing the likelihood of attracting ideal applicants.
"Integrating Direct Apply into our ATS has significantly streamlined the application process, improving our candidate experience and time-to-hire. This functionality allows us to focus more on engaging with candidates rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks."

Ferran Mansilla,
Employer Branding Project Manager,
ALDI Spain

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