Multiposting done right.

Simultaneously post job adverts to job boards, search engines and social media channels on your own contracts, With speed and quality.

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Flexible payment. Just what you needed!

No more credit leftovers at the end of the year! We get it. We offer a standard subscription AND more flexible payment options

figure showing the advantages of the VONQ platform; no more credit leftovers, a standard subscription, flexible payment options

Include your own contracted channels.

Negotiated your own contract with a media channel? You can easily select your own contracts in our platform so we can do the job posting for you. This is how clever multiposting works today!


We can run an extra quality check for you.

Tired of field mapping errors? No worries. We understand how important job descriptions are, so we can run an extra check for you.

figure showing the suggested media mix calculated by the VONQ job marketing platform together with the advantages of the platform: no need to handle multiple contracts, all media channels are pre-contracted

Why mulitposting helps you recruit better via the VONQ platform

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All your jobmarketing activities from one platform

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Save up to 30 min per job posting

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Full benchmarked insights in all performance data

Case Study

How Signify used automated job posting to streamline and speed up their job posting process

“We no longer have to deal with separate supplier contracts and the related media purchase administrative work. What used to take us up to 60 days back then, we can now do in a day!”

Laura Hogendoorn Loing, Europe Sourcing & Recruitment Operations Lead at Signify Read more >
Signify Case Study Recruiting


We developed our subscription model to offer you different packages promising versatile and flexible solutions, tailored to your needs and your individual recruiting challenge.

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