Automate your job posting process

How can you simplify & automate your job posting processes?

Why automate hiring tasks?

Software that lets you work more efficiently through job posting automation can be found in every aspect of a business. Recruiting is no different. By automating your job posting process, you can create an optimal experience for candidates and eliminate unnecessary work for your recruiting team. 

When you automate job postings, you free your team to focus on what they do best; working with people. 

The basics of automation


Multiposting is the process of deploying a single job post across multiple job boards and websites simultaneously. Benefit from simultaneously posted listings to job boards, search engines, and social media channels with speed and ease.

Centralise: all your job marketing activities from one platform

There is no need to juggle multiple channels to get your ads in front of the right people. With a multiposting job tool, you save time and reduce cost by handling all your job marketing efforts from one central platform.

Streamline: save time, money and resources

Save time and money by leaning on multi-job board posting software – dodge the drudgery of manually posting on each platform. Free up your resources to improve hiring strategies and nurture quality candidates.

Visibility: full benchmarked insights in all performance data

Multiposting tools can help measure your recruitment performance and show how it compares to industry averages. This data-led approach will help identify areas for improvement and better position your organisation for success.

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising gathers data and uses complex algorithms to show people the right ads at the right time and place, based on their likelihood to engage with the ad. It allows advertisers to target their ideal demographic across the web and keeps them from overspending on clicks that don’t convert with automated bidding processes.

Automated job posting: The power of data

Today, there are a wide variety of tools and services that promise to help you find and hire the right people. Choosing an agency that offers data-driven solutions is key for future success.

Data-driven hiring can help you improve the quality of your hiring process. It helps you better allocate your budget and know with better certainty your priorities. By analysing the data collected during the hiring process, you can identify the most qualified candidates and gain insights to improve your recruitment process.

Creating programmatic recruitment campaigns is simple

The recruiter imports their job content from their ATS or career site.

The recruiter sets their total budget allocation and what they’re willing to pay for each click or application.

The recruiter sets “rules” based on their business objectives, such as the demographics of the target applicant, the number of applications they want for a particular job or job group, and the budget.

The recruiter hits the “buy” button, and the programmatic software does the rest.

An all-in-one solution for the entire candidate journey

Together with you, we cover the entire candidate journey from the top of the funnel down – starting with raising awareness for your company and career opportunities and ending with the click on the apply button. No matter what, we got you covered.

Let VONQ help you save time and money.

Our goal is to make your life easier, and our technology does exactly that.

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