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Empower Your Recruitment Strategy with Data-Driven Market Insights

Access Market Data from +18.000 Job Titles in +150 Countries to Engage Top-Tier Candidates Effectively.

With VONQ’s Labor Market Insights, you are perfectly positioned to make data-driven decisions that refine and optimize your recruitment strategy. By providing a deep dive into both quantitative metrics and qualitative insights, this feature enables you to tailor your job ads precisely to the needs and desires of your target audience. With this targeted approach, you effectively attract the right talent, ensuring your job ads not only capture attention but also resonate deeply with your intended audience.

How your enterprise benefits
from Labor Market Insights

Size of Target Group: Understand the scope of your target demographic, providing an estimate of the recruitment efforts needed.
Job Market Activity: Gauge the level of job-seeking activity within your target group, distinguishing between active and passive candidates. This insight is invaluable for selecting the right mix of recruitment channels to effectively engage with your target audience.
Top 10 Pull Factors: Identify what drives job seekers towards potential candidates, allowing you to refine your job postings and employer branding to align with these motivations.
Top 10 Job Benefits: Explore the most valued benefits that matter to your target audience. Adjust your job ads and employer communications to highlight these benefits, catering to the unique preferences of your target group.
Recruitment Difficulty: Assess the anticipated effort required to fill a position, categorized into four levels: Easy, Standard, Hard, Difficult. This metric provides a clear understanding of the recruitment challenge ahead.
Average Salary: Stay informed about salary expectations within your target market, including minimum, average, and maximum figures. This knowledge allows for competitive salary offerings that align with market standards.

How your enterprise benefits
from Labor Market Insights

Tailor Your Insights:
Seamlessly navigate through labor market data by filtering insights according to Job Title and Country, ensuring relevance to your specific recruitment goals.
Informed Decisions:
Navigate the global market’s complexities with data that informs local strategies, enhancing multinational recruitment with a broad view of insights.
Efficiency Boost:
Use the market insights to streamline your recruitment process, addressing top candidates and reducing time-to-hire.
Competitive Edge:
Differentiate as an employer by tailoring your brand and messaging with Labor Market Insights, appealing directly to your target audience.
Strategic Alignment:
Sync your recruitment with market dynamics and candidate preferences through Labor Market Insights, ensuring strategies are ahead and candidates fit your organizational culture.
"Integrating Direct Apply into our ATS has significantly streamlined the application process, improving our candidate experience and time-to-hire. This functionality allows us to focus more on engaging with candidates rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks."

Ferran Mansilla,
Employer Branding Project Manager,
ALDI Spain

Optimize Your Recruitment with Targeted Market Insights.

Unlock the secret to perfectly aligned job ads with Labor Market Insights in VONQ Job Marketing. Book your demo today and elevate your recruitment to match market needs effortlessly!

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