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Revolutionize Your Interview Process with AI

Streamline your interviewing process with VONQ Kopilot's Interviewing Agent

Welcome to the future of candidate interviewing with the Interviewing Agent, a key feature of VONQ Kopilot’s innovative recruitment suite. This tool redefines the interview process by automating the scheduling and execution of initial interviews, allowing you to engage with candidates more effectively and efficiently. From scheduling phone and video interviews at times convenient to the candidate, to creating detailed interview scripts and incorporating scores into overall reviews, the Interviewing Agent ensures a smooth, structured and fair interview process for every candidate.

Transform your interviews with the Interviewing Agent:

Automated scheduling: Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails trying to find a suitable time. The Interviewing Agent automates interview scheduling, matching availability for both candidates and recruiters, saving valuable time.
Consistent interviews: Ensure each candidate has a consistent interview experience with pre-defined scripts and questions tailored to the specific requirements of the role, promoting fairness and consistency.
Efficient screening: The Interviewing Agent conducts initial screening through automated phone or video interviews, allowing you to quickly identify candidates who best match the job criteria.
Integrated scoring: Interview performance is scored and integrated into the candidate’s overall score, providing a comprehensive view of each candidate’s suitability for the role.
Reduced administrative burden: With the Interviewing Agent handling the logistics of scheduling and conducting initial interviews, your HR team can focus more on strategic tasks and less on administrative duties.
Improved candidate experience: Candidates appreciate the flexibility and convenience of scheduling interviews at times that work best for them, improving their experience and perception of your organisation.
According to Hiring Branch, "Automating interview scheduling can reduce scheduling effort by up to 80%. The Interviewing Agent takes advantage of this automation and transforms your interview process into an efficient, candidate friendly experience".

The Interviewing Agent from VONQ Kopilot isn't just a tool ...

… it’s a game changer in the way you engage with potential talent. By integrating this sophisticated agent into your recruitment process, you will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your interviews, ensuring a more productive and enjoyable experience for you and your candidates. Welcome to the new era of interviewing with VONQ Kopilot’s Interviewing Agent.

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