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Simplify and accelerate your job advertising to connect with top talent faster

Save up to 30 minutes per job posting

VONQ’s Career Site Connector streamlines job postings by automating the integration between your career site and our Job Marketing Platform, saving up to 30 minutes per job posting. This efficient tool ensures rapid publication and precise targeting of your vacancies, eliminating manual data entry. Dive into a world where setting up is as simple as clicking a button, leaving you to focus on what truly matters—making great hires.

How to simplify your job advertising
with VONQ's Career Site Connector

Automated Connectivity: Connect your career site directly to VONQ’s Job Marketing Platform, enabling an automatic import of job listings. This first step lays the foundation for a streamlined recruitment process by simplifying data transfer.
Simplified Campaign Creation: Benefit from a hassle-free setup where job ad details auto-populate most fields, accelerating the job advertising process. Select your preferred media channels effortlessly and launch your campaigns with minimal effort.
Maximize Your Time:
Unlock unparalleled time savings—up to 30 minutes per job posting—thanks to automated data synchronization. Reallocate precious time towards strategic recruitment initiatives and elevate your hiring game.
Precision in Every Post: Automation isn’t just about speed; it’s about perfection. Eliminate the margin for error in job postings, ensuring flawless accuracy and consistency that sets the foundation for attracting top talent.
Effortless Recruitment Flow: Transform your recruitment into a streamlined, efficient process. Our seamless integration not only simplifies campaign management but also accelerates the launch of targeted recruitment drives with precision and ease.
Zero Manual Hassle:
Say goodbye to tedious manual inputs. With just a link to your career site, we take over the reins of complete integration. With this connection, 80% of all checkout data is prefilled, streamlining your media campaign ordering process.
“By integrating our career site with the Job Marketing technology, we now save a lot of time in creating and posting job ads.”

Astrid Hundshagen,
Head of HR Management D-A-CH,
DKV Mobility

Discover the Power of the Career Site Connector today

Say goodbye to manual data entry. and hello to a streamlined, more effective job advertising that lets you focus on what truly matters—connecting with top talent.

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