Employer Branding Webinar: Diversity and Inclusion in Focus

Join us for an interactive webinar on ‘Innovative Employer Branding: Diversity and Inclusion in Focus.’  The webinar is featured by the esteemed speakers Nigaio Wijnen from the creative content agency UHU Production and Souad Mensori, Senior Project Manager at VONQ. 

Experts Nigaio and Souad Lead Interactive Session on Diversity and Inclusion

With their extensive experience and unique perspectives, Nigaio and Souad will lead an interactive session. You will be able to explore diversity and inclusion’s central role in creating a vibrant and compelling employer brand.

To learn more about our speakers, connect with Nigaio Wijnen on LinkedIn or email and Souad Mensori on LinkedIn or email.

Mastering Diversity: Learn from Mistakes and Best Practices in our Interactive Webinar!

This webinar is more than just a learning opportunity. It’s a collaborative platform where you can voice your thoughts. You can also share your experiences and learn from a community committed to promoting diversity in the workplace.

Whether you want to refine your employer branding strategy or start from scratch. This session will provide innovative ideas and practical solutions for building a more inclusive and attractive workplace. Take advantage of this transformative session. Register now to secure your place!

VONQ Recruitment Marketing Services

If you’d like to learn more about our recruitment marketing services before the webinar, discover how our employer branding expertise can enhance your employer brand and attract top talent. Transform your recruitment strategy with our proven solutions.

Nigaio Wijnen

Nigaio Wijnen

Creative Content Agency, UHU

Souad Mensori Rahmouni

Souad Mensori

Senior Project Manager, VONQ


April 25, 2024

2:00 pm

Duration45 min



Souad Mensori:
Souad Mensori is a passionate Project Manager specializing in Recruitment Marketing. Her interest in this field began during her Communication studies and grew into a keen eye for data and strategic advice to reach and activate target audiences. With her cultural background and personal interest in diversity, and as a mother of two children, Souad strives to focus more on diversity in her work and beyond, hoping to foster a more inclusive future.

Nigaio Wijnen:
Nigaio Wijnen is a passionate labor market communication strategist. As a consultant and owner at UHU Productions (a creative content agency), he is involved daily in recruitment and employer branding issues for clients such as ProRail, Rabobank, Booking.com, Municipality of The Hague, IKEA, and other companies with national and international challenges. In terms of work, Nigaio thrives most at the intersection of strategy and concept. In addition to his past experiences at Monsterboard, de Persgroep, and de Telegraaf, Nigaio also in the past initiated a large-scale art project for the Municipality of Amsterdam and has been involved as a presenter in the first Dutch TV program on recruitment and employer branding aired on RTL-7 and RTL-Z.

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