Job advertising that reaches right talent faster

Why do jobs remain unfilled?

Many recruiters underestimate the effort behind posting and filling positions.

“Who is my target audience? Where are they searching for jobs online? Are there enough applicants in the job market? What media should I use?”

These are common questions that are often unanswered and open the door to the old “post and pray.” Without a strategy, recruiting becomes a race against time and makes it hard to establish successful contact with candidates quickly.

Want to fill jobs fast and easy? Can’t without technology.

Reaching out to unsuitable or unqualified talent is a waste of time for your team. If you want to prevent this and reach precisely the candidates who meet the needs for the job, it is vital to consider multiposting technology.

3 benefits of multiposting technology

Cost per hire

High spending happens when media selection is intuitive rather than strategic. By investing in channels and tools that do not contribute to success, internal and external expenses become more costly.

Stagnating growth

Almost every company wants to expand fast. However, no company can do this successfully without the right team. For robust growth, you need quick access to suitable talent

Butterfly effect

Long periods of unfilled positions negatively impact team performance. The result is workers doing overtime and productivity losses due to excessive demands.

Optimize your recruiting strategy now. Let technology do the work.

Recruiters no longer need to invest their time in contract management or manual ad placement.
Find suitable talent fast and easy with our solutions and avoid long unfilled positions.

The solution: candidate journey, technology and data.

Know the online search behavior and the candidate's journey

In many cases, search engines represent the first point of contact with a company, whether through a banner ad for passive candidates or keyword searches for active candidates. While active candidates quickly become interested in finding out about jobs at the company, passive candidates need to be convinced of a strong employer brand as a first step – before job offers are considered.

Technology & data bring light into the darkness

The manual delivery of job ads to various providers can be time-consuming. Pre-selecting media and researching target groups also require time and expertise.

With the help of data-driven technology, the entire ad placement process is automated, and media performance is carefully evaluated. Whether data-driven or automated – the solution that comes into play depends on individual needs. Bye bye complexity!

Specific job profiles require top-notch feeling

Based on performance data, VONQ Job Marketing recommends only the best media from 5,000+ channels to reach the desired target groups quickly and effectively. With just a few clicks and from one system.

A high demand needs a high reach

Positions usually have to be filled as quickly as possible with a limited budget. With VONQ Job Post, you create the highest online visibility for your job ads in one step. It has never been easier and more cost-effective to place job ads online than with programmatic advertising.

Are you ready to optimize your recruitment strategy?

Get to know our VONQ Suite and find the optimal solution for your individual hiring needs.

VONQ Job Post

VONQ Job Marketing

VONQ Recruitment Marketing

Save time and money with VONQ!

We offer you data-driven and automated solutions for every talent acquisition need.
Our experts will advise you which of our solutions is best for your individual hiring goal.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for 30, 300 or even 30,000 candidates. We can help.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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