Fast Distribution.
Smart Automation.
Data Driven Results.

VONQ Job Post is your automation solution for high-volume recruitment that reduces complexity and saves you time.

Instant jobs distributions saves you time

That’s right: Job Post can be fully automated and has over 1000+ channels to post on, including programmatic job advertising. Connect it to your Applicant Tracking System or Human Capital Management. Define a set of fully customizable rules to know which jobs should be distributed to which sources. Post jobs with one click or even automatically from your ATS. Our reports will then show you what is working best to help you optimize and deliver candidates at the lowest cost. It’s that simple.

Job Post users

Save Time. Automate. Optimise.

One click to distribute your jobs. Really.

Job Post is easy to set up and designed to connect seamlessly to your ATS and HCM. Then it’s just one click, and your job posting is live on over 1000+ channels from your ATS.

One solution. Full automation.

The simple automation rules in Job Post are based on “if this, then that” logic. You can set the “if” criteria using any data your applicant tracking system provides, including Job Title, Job Function, Location, Experience Level, and so much more. Set your rules once. Job Post is fully automated after that.

Once a vacancy is filled, Job Post helps you cancel job ads, too. Set budgets and applicant parameters, and job posting automation handles the rest.

Built for big business and big staffing needs

Job Post is built for staffing agencies and enterprises that stretch globally and seamlessly connects and scales with your Human Capital Management or Applicant Tracking System. With 60+ relationships worldwide, no one has more integration partners than VONQ.

Easy connecting to ATS or HCM

Flexible permissions for users to access only specific data

Centrally manage all vacancies

Single sign-on for centralised IT departments

Why choose VONQ Job Post

Maximize your Return on Invest

Increase success with targeted talent attraction and superior budget control using Programmatic Job Advertising to place ads on the best channels.

Maximize Application Success

Streamline your recruitment process with one-click applications on multiple platforms and seamless submission to your ATS, saving time and effort for both recruiters and candidates.

Digitalisation you need

Create more efficient and reliable recruiting marketing processes with automation.

Transparent reporting

With easy to read reports, see exactly which ads and sources generate applicants that get hired.

Costs you control

Re-optimize your spending on job advertising and maximise your staffing ROI.

Here’s why Job Post works:

Real ROI

Only invest in the sources that deliver. Make sure every channel you advertise on actually delivers applicants that get hired. With Programmatic Add-on, you can track the entire candidate journey from click to hire and see which sources are worth investing in simple reports. Then stop using the rest.

Maximise budgets

Spend only until the minute you hire. With programmatic job advertising, ad prices aren’t based on duration. So the minute your vacancies are filled, you can stop your campaign.

Data that helps you optimize

Optimise with ease. From its high-level cost reports for every campaign to drill-downs into individual ads and sources, you can view the entire performance of your recruitment marketing investment from cost-per-click to cost-per-hire and everything in between.

Start tracking and stop paying
too much for job advertising.

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