On-demand webinar series

VONQ Academy with Bill Boorman

Bill Boorman, you may have seen him speak at UNLEASH events – he’s the guy who never wears a suit, always wears a hat ?

Bill has a simple vision – to make recruitment better for everyone. Together with him, we designed this programme to provide you with some thought-provoking discussions, insights and some entertainment while you work from home.

On-Demand webinars ?

Session 2: When this is over.

Boorman has spoken to over 150 TA leaders about where they are now, and what might come in the future. Tune in for who is doing what, and what the comeback might hold.

Session 3: Recruiters, get over it.

Does the future of recruiting merit a new reporting line, or should TA stay firmly in HR? In this session Bill Boorman looks at the future role of TA, and where the goal is evolving to. Ring fence the future.

Session 4: The Platform Play

A whirlwind look at acquisitions and mergers among HR Tech companies, working towards a single platform. What does this mean for data, and recruiting in general. Q&A

Session 5: Who moved my brand?

We believe candidates study and follow brands, choosing carefully where to apply, but do they? In this presentation, Bill will share data from 7mn applicants, in order to understand real candidate behaviours.