Top 10 Research and Science job boards in Europe 🔬

Plus 5 tips for hiring scientists and researchers

Scientists are passionate. They innovate. They manage their time well. They test and iterate and are comfortable failing. Scientists are great. And much needed. They just are, no doubt about it.

… And they are also scarce and therefore hard to recruit. You know that better than us.

So how do you find them? And where?

Before we show you WHERE you can find them with the list of the Top 10 Research and Science job boards in Europe, we’d like to give you a few tips on HOW to attract them.


5 tips for hiring scientists and researchers

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Here are five practical takeaways that we believe can be immediately applied to your recruitment strategies:

  1. Filter candidates by skills and experience, not geography – researchers are very open to international relocation for the right role. 
  2. Invest in employer branding to become an employer of choice. Passion is a big reason for scientists to accept and stay at a job. This passion makes scientists the perfect fit for mission-driven business – if they believe in a company’s mission, they will work hard on achieving it for years. So, make sure that you make your employer brand shine to the right audience.
  3. Ensure job descriptions resonate with potential applicants’ research passion points. By the way, here’re a few tips on how to write great job descriptions.
  4. Include salary bands in the initial job description to encourage serious applicants. 
  5. Make sure you select the best media mix (Not sure what Media mix is? Here’s an infographic to help you out) to target your desired candidates. Choosing among the top 10 Research & Scientific job boards in Europe is a great place to start! Here’s the list:

Top 10 Research & Science job boards in Europe:

Academics is one of the leading job markets for positions in academia and R&D: 315,000 registered users, 665,000 unique visitors per month, and 2,310,000 page impressions per month. (a joint venture of DIE ZEIT and Forschung & Lehre) addresses users from German-speaking countries, while targets users around the world who are interested in working in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. 

Academic Positions

An international career network for academics, researchers, scientists, engineers, and students with an established network (world’s top universities) for over a decade. Job ads are matched with candidates within more than 600 fields and a job performance report is issued once the ad closes.


jobseekers with a background in physical sciences and engineering. These highly numerate and analytical candidates have the skills to excel in many different job roles, ranging from fundamental research through to computer modelling and industrial manufacturing. 10,000 monthly visitors, 30,000 monthly page views, 22,500 registered jobseekers, 17,500 Graduate subscribers.

Diversity in Research

The audience of Diversity in Research is a highly-specialized, well-educated, global community of researchers and professionals in the fields of science, technology, healthcare, law and business. The job board at a glance: 13 million unique visitors every month; 80 million ad impressions; 40 million page views; over 65% with advanced degrees; North America – 26% | Europe, Middle East and Africa – 39% | Asia – 36%. The job board taps into the breadth of Wiley Online Library‘s 1600+ journals to display job advertisements directly to passive job seekers in their chosen field. 


With a very focused readership of highly educated science experts (55% of users have Phds), EuroScienceJobs is one of the leading job boards in Europe for research scientists, offering research and postdoc science jobs across Europe. EuroScienceJobs is part of the EuroJobsites family of job sites, which includes EuroBrussels, EuroPharma and EuroEngineerJobs.


myScience is a media channel meant for R&D companies and institutions looking for highly qualified staff, academics, scientists, researchers or engineers. My science has an extensive international network of sub-channels – myScience Austria, myScience Belgium, myScience France, myScience Germany, myScience Switzerland, myScience United Kingdom, myScience International.


With more than 15 million members, ResearchGate is one of the world’s leading professional networks of scientists and researchers. ResearchGate at a glance: 16+ members from 193 countries; 79 Nobel Prize winners on our platform; 89% of members hold advanced graduate degrees; 150+ million monthly site visits; 70+ million unique monthly visitors.

Science Careers

Science Careers is one of the world leading channels in matching qualified scientists with jobs in industry, academia, and government. Science is one of the most prestigious and widely cited scientific journals in the world – publishing breaking news and seminal research for more than 125 years, with a weekly print circulation exceeding 129,000. Science Careers is a component of the journal that scientists rely on for making career decisions.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Engineering & Technology Jobs is the job board hosted by the Institution of Engineering and Technology – Europe’s largest engineering membership body with over 160,000 members. E&TJobs is dedicated to consistently matching qualified job seekers and candidates with organisations currently recruiting skilled engineers and technologists.

University Positions

A leading academic career portal for Scientists, Researchers, Professors and lecturers in Europe. In collaboration with some of Europe’s leading media, University Positions is one of the most visited career networks within universities, colleges and research since 2004.

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