The Best Global Sites to Recruit IT Talent

Plus data on what information are IT candidates looking for before they apply

Specialists in the IT field are in high demand, so for recruiters like you it’s pretty clear that offering plenty of incentives is only the beginning. In a world where 13% of IT professionals say ‘I’m not looking for a job because it’s mainly me who gets the offers.’ you need to up your game. And be creative. And fast. And most of all – to know WHERE you can find IT talent online on a global scale. So, here is the complete list of The Best Global Sites to Recruit IT Talent.

But first – what is it that those tech savvy folks are looking for before they apply for a job? 

Over 70% of the IT professionals look for opinions about employers on the internet before applying for a job…

… and the information that also influences greatly their decision to apply at a given company is the technologies and methodologies used.

Well, let’s see what else IT talent cares for …

What information are IT professionals looking for before they decide to apply to a specific company?

  • opinions about the employer online – 71%
  • technologies and methodology – 62%
  • industry and company size – 55%
  • friends’ opinions – 51%
  • type of services / products produced – 49%
  • organisational culture – 36%
  • completed projects – 26%
  • team – 24%
  • mission, vision and values ​​- 19%
  • openness to diversity – 12%
  • other – 3%

And now, as promised –

The Best Global Sites to Recruit IT Talent

Btw, you might get surprised by this list where you won’t only see the conventional job board as we know it. See, the thing with IT professionals (and not only!) is that you’d better target them with your job ads via the niche sites they use on a daily basis – sites that help them solve tech issues, chat with mates, read the latest trends – basically, where they are most engaged. 

ACM – Association for Computing Machinery 

ACM is one of the world’s largest and most influential computing societies, serving more than 100,000 members at companies and research institutions. ACM Career & Job Center targets qualified computing professionals from emerging areas of the software, hardware and IT industries.

Crypto Jobs List
The #1 community to find and post crypto jobs. Since 2017 the site has been helping 50k+ people find a job in crypto/dlt space. 606 crypto startups. The site also has a dedicated Remote Crypto Jobs section. 


Djangojobs.Net is an Online Recruitment Marketing service to help you to find highly competent Python Django Developers. Mainly service companies from EU member countries and the USA. The Django Network consists of: Djangolinks.Com | FreeDjangoHosting.Com | DjangoForum.Com | DjangoJobs.Net.


GitHub brings together one of the world’s largest community of developers to discover, share, and build better software, which makes it a great place to attract the best technical talent for your company’s open software development solutions. As of January 2020, GitHub reports having over 40 million users.

On April 14, 2020, GitHub made “all of the core GitHub features” free for everyone, including “private repositories with unlimited collaborators”.

Kaggle Jobs

Kaggle is one of the world’s largest communities of data scientists, statisticians, and machine learning engineers. The site claims to be ‘Far more than just a job board, Kaggle is a network of data science enthusiasts, offering courses, discussions and competitions’. There are 10.79 million visits every month, only 22% of which are from the US, followed by India, China, the UK and Brazil.

No Fluff Jobs 

The site has job offers for programmers, testers, specialists DevOps, Support, UX, Project Manager, and Business Intelligence. No Fluff Jobs claims to be the first and only job board that requires salary brackets in every job ad. is an international (Europe-mainly focus) job board specializing in highly qualified (BSc, MSc, and Ph.D.) technical professionals in engineering, software, science and technology (Mechanical, Aerospace, Physics, Software, Biomedical, Chemical, Electrical, Mechatronics, Micro/Nano Technology, Architecture, Civil, Industrial and many more). Qreer’ extensive network consists of:, several Partner sites (EURAXESS, Naturejobs and more), all the important Social-Media and over 80 universities throughout Europe.

A site specialised for hiring software engineers  – desktop/web/mobile Software Engineers, Testers, DevOps, Product Managers, UI/UX designers, Data scientists, Cyber Security Specialists – who are willing to relocate. +1500 new registered users every month. What’s special about it: detailed info on each candidate and 100+ countries to find your next tech hire.


ROCKITdigital offers specialized job exchange for the digital industry: Internet, IT, multimedia, online marketing, sales, SEO.’ Placing your job advertisement at ROCKITdigital is free of charge. 


Stack Overflow is one of the largest, most trusted online communities for developers to learn, share​ ​their programming ​knowledge, and build their careers. Officially, it’s an online community for developers, but it also offers jobs for those in the tech field. At a glance: Reach 50+ million people in Tech; 60% of developers visit SO every day; 85% of developers visit SO every week; flagship site of the Stack Exchange network, home to 150+ Q&A sites dedicated to niche topics; top 10 countries with the most traffic: US, India, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Brazil, Russia, Australia, and Spain.


Smashing Magazine’s audience is web designers and developers – both freelance and full time. Smashing Magazine is a website and eBook publisher that offers editorial content and professional resources for web developers and web designers. The site at a glance: Monthly pageviews: 3,000,000; Unique visitors: 2,000,000.

UX Jobs board

UX Jobs Board is among the top places for user experience jobs (UX Jobs) – both experienced and graduate level UX talent. UX Jobs Board claims that when you post a job on UX Jobs Board it is listed across social media and leading partner websites too, including: Indeed, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.


Vue.js job board is a niche job site with a focus on recruiting developers.

Oh, here’s an extra for you - Some national job sites for IT jobs:

  • France: BDM/job, RemixJobs, Azerty Jobs,, ChooseYourBoss, Carriere Informatique, Digitaltalent,, AFJV, Jobtic;
  • UK: CWJobs, Engineering & Technology Jobs, Technojobs, Bubble Jobs,,
  • DE: Ingenieur Karriere, IT Steps,,, IT-Treff;
  • USA:, IT Job Cafe, Tech Fetch, Dice, Heise Jobs;
  • NL: Technicus,, ICTerGezocht;
  • Spain:, Ticjob;
  • Denmark:, It-jobbank;
  • Italy: Reteinformaticalavoro, InformaticaLavoro;
  • South Africa: CompuJobs;
  • Japan: CrowdWorks;
  • Luxembourg:;
  • Switzerland: SwissDev Jobs;
  • Canada: Espresso Jobs;
  • Iceland: Northsatck jobs;
  • Armenia:;
  • Portugal: IT Jobs;
  • Belgium:;
  • Norway: Teknisk Ukeblad;
  • Ireland: Computer Jobs;
  • Sweden: ITjobb;
  • Morocco:;
  • Poland: Strefainzyniera.

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