With Job Posting Automation Towards International Recruitment Success

What used to take us up to 60 days back then, we can now do in a day!

For Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting), as well as for numerous other multinationals, the lack of in-house recruiters at many of their worldwide locations is a major challenge. The lack of knowledge on country-specific job media channels and the related administrative burden on dealing with separate suppliers leads to extremely lengthy job posting process. The solution? Automating job posting by utilising smart recruitment technology, which helps recruiters take the data-based decisions on channel selection and job posting.

With its 32,000 employees working across 70 countries Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, is the world leader in connected LED lighting products, systems and services. We spoke to Laura Hogendoorn – Loing, Europe Sourcing & Recruitment Operations Lead at Signify, about their job posting challenges across Europe and how VONQ’s Recruitment Technology is helping them solve these.

Lack of knowledge on country-specific job media channels

The main recruitment challenge for Signify was related to job posting across Europe, caused by the lack of in-house recruiters at the various European offices, as Laura explains:

“We are dealing with a big number of job openings across Europe, so in-depth knowledge of the country-specific media landscape is necessary. But this is difficult when you do not have in-house recruiters in these countries and you need to do the recruiting remotely.”

The administrative burden that comes along with handling job posting from a remote location was also adding up to the challenges Signify was facing at that time:

“As we had to deal with new suppliers in every country, we had to spend a great deal of time on the administrative part of re-signing media contracts and making advance payments. Because of this lengthy process we sometimes had to wait for up to 60 days before our job was online. In other circumstances, in 60 days you are supposed to have found a new hire.”

With job posting automation towards recruitment success

The solution to their job posting challenges, Signify found in automating the process by utilising recruitment technology:

“Smart recruitment technology gave us the necessary knowledge on the best performing media channels available in a local market. This helped us make the right decisions on the best channels for our target audience. This helps us to create a great visibility within our target group in the countries where we don’t have in-house recruiters.”

Relying on VONQ’s Job Marketing allowed Signify to significantly streamline and speed up their job posting process, as Laura explains:

“We no longer have to deal with separate supplier contracts and the related media purchase administrative work. What used to take us up to 60 days back then, we can now do in a day!”

One recruitment challenge at a time

According to Laura, the challenge for the coming years is mainly to achieve the right way target group instead of broad commitment in general places. Laura explains:

“We are now mainly concerned with how we can optimise our budget and how to address our target groups even better. We need to look into how to do this without jeopardising our overall brand awareness efforts, which are also key in our current rebranding process.”

Recruitment Technology to target the right talent

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