Rethinking Your Hiring Process In 6 Simple Steps

It’s been a few weeks of getting used to

Getting used to Zoom-ing with your colleagues from all possible corners of your apartment, to breaking connection in the worst possible moment, to missing that not-so-nice-anyways office coffee. We are not even afraid of that getting used to anymore, or as a friend once said ‘After all, humans are adaptive as hell. So, we’ll get used to the new normal very soon.’. 

When it comes to the things you can control, though, getting used to is not an option. You’d better reinvent yourself. You’d better rethink your hiring process and you’d better do it sooner rather than later. Here’s how:

Rethink your hiring process in 6 simple steps:

  1. Add these 3 soft skills to your assessment process
  2. Make sure you offer a seamless applicant experience
  3. Take your video interviewing skills to a new level 
  4. Take time to clear your doubts around recruitment data
  5. Add these 3 questions to your interviews
  6. Be kind to your budget. Focus only on the best channels to use.

Click on the infographic to download it!

What’s next

Although, you should expect the unexpected during these next few weeks while people are working from home, following these 6 steps will help you face our new normal and stay on top of your hiring game. 

After all, as your fellow recruiters shared with us at the ‘Your fellow recruiters speak out about recruiting in times of coronavirus’ – 

“Once this is over, recruitment will ‘go through the roof’!”

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