Recruitment Analytics and Google Analytics: A Quick Comparison

For decisions based on data, and not just on gut feeling, one needs data. And not just plenty of it, but the right type – relevant data to help you make better decisions, save time and optimise costs.  No surprise that for more than 50% of recruitment professionals in Europe (European Recruitment Trends 2019 survey by VONQ), collecting and measuring candidate engagement data will be a top priority in 2019.

While some recruitment professionals nowadays swear by the usefulness of Google Analytics data in their recruiting process, there is still a majority who doesn’t have the capacity to take a deep dive into the possibilities that the tool offers and customise it for their specific recruitment needs.

Now, what if there was a tool specifically developed for the data needs of a recruiter – one that depicts mainly candidate engagement metrics: from source to hire. And, more importantly – would that complement your current use of Google Analytics?

I’m already using Google Analytics. How can I further benefit from Recruitment Analytics of the Job Marketing Platform?

See this graph (click on the image below) for a quick comparison between Google Analytics and the Recruitment Analytics of the Job Marketing Platform:

Comparison: Google Analytics and Recruitment Analytics

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Antoniya Kamenova
Content Marketeer at VONQ