Have you seen it? What’s new in Job Marketing

In the battle for the best talent in the industry, time is of the essence. If you don’t convince candidates quickly enough with an attractive job description and employer brand, you may lose top talent to the competition without further ado. At the same time, your job ads need to be as targeted as possible to reach the right job seekers and keep hiring spend under control.

For all these reasons, we spent the last weeks enhancing our VONQs Job Marketing, creating an even better user experience. Because recruitment marketing is complicated enough. We want to make it easier and more successful for you.

Watch the video of the new features.


Campaign launch made easy: from 6 to 3 steps

  • We reduced the information required to analyze your target audience from 6 fields down to 3. 
  • Now you can start a new campaign even faster with just: Job title, Job Function and Location. 
  • In the next step, the platform uses the 3 metrics to recommend the best performing media for the desired target group from over 2500 online channels.
Illustration of the simplified Target Audience Builder in Job Marketing Platform.
Illustration of the simplified Target Audience Builder in Job Marketing Platform.

Pro Tip: With the Career Site Connector, it’s automatic! The Career Site Connector reads published jobs on your career site and imports the information directly into Job Marketing for both target audience creation and the check-out process. What will you do with all the time you’ll save?

Simply see everything: Media, services and My Contracts Add-on

It’s not just the Target Audience Builder that shines in its simplicity: the platform update also simplifies media buying. 

  • The new marketplace tabs give you a better overview of the top 6 recommended media channels, other VONQ services to optimize job ads and show your own external contracts with job boards in the My Contracts tab. 
  • The new tile design makes it easier and faster to review and select the right media. 
  • The forecast feature gives an estimate of how many clicks and applicants you could generate with the selected media mix in the shopping cart. It adjusts according to the media you select to purchase. Other factors like a well-written job description and convincing employer benefits also affect the success of your campaign, so remember the forecast isn’t etched in stone.
Display of the marketplace tiles in Job Marketing Platform.
Display of the marketplace tiles in Job Marketing Platform.

Access to the world's largest portfolio over 2500 media channels

Not only the top 6 channels can be used to post job ads. With over 5.000 media channels, Job Marketing gives you access to the world’s largest media portfolio consisting of job boards, niche websites, social media channels, search engines as well as communities and hubs. 

Best of all, all media are pre-contracted, eliminating the need to negotiate and manage multiple contracts. You can book any channel in the marketplace and get only one invoice. Simple, right?!

The number of available online channels for job posting is always growing and so is our media marketplace. For this reason, we compile all the important facts and figures about each channel, so you can be sure to make the right advertising choice – faster and easier.

Too much choice? No way! The new tile overview and search make it easy to find and research media

The improved user-friendliness of the media marketplace will save you time when researching and selecting channels because everything you need to make an informed decision is at your fingertips.

  • For each channel, you have information at a glance like the name of the media, the post duration, the price and the type of channel (general job board or niche).  
  • Further details about the job board can be seen via the “More information” button, including a description of the channel, locations and industries covered by it and if it does cross-posting and where. 
  • Those who still want to take a look at the channel’s website can click on the corresponding link without having to manually look it up. 
  • For an even more specific search, target group data can be adjusted and supplemented using the advanced search and filter options. For example, if you want to see matching media recommendations for a related job title, you can change it right in the marketplace, as well as the job function, industry, and location. Or search for a specific channel.
Presentation of detailed information about each channel in Job Marketing Platform.
Presentation of detailed information about each channel in Job Marketing Platform.

The million dollar question: How well do you know your ideal candidate?

Before posting job ads online, it is important to know the labor market and what motivates your target audience. With the new Labor Market Insights Add-on dashboard, Job Marketing shows all the must-knows about your target group. 

Watch the video about the new Labor Market Insights dashboard.


Optimize your job marketing campaign

Do you know what really matters to your candidates when it comes to choosing a new employer? Like which job benefits should be in the ad so that the best candidates apply? 

You can research over 20,000 different job titles in 28 countries worldwide to find out. The easy-to-understand data in the Labor Market Insights dashboard provides fully researched information you can use to decide which media strategy will be most effective to reach your ideal candidate. This makes it easier to plan, manage and control  job advertising spend. 

The dashboard shows: 

  • the size of the target group 
  • the job market activity (what percentage is actively or passively job seeking)
  • the difficulty to recruit within the target group 
  • the salary range
  • the top 10 pull factors and
  • the top 10 job benefits desired. 
View of the Labor Market Insights dashboard in Job Marketing Platform.
View of the Labor Market Insights dashboard in Job Marketing Platform.

Pro Tip: Job market activity can impact media selection. For example, active candidates usually search for attractive job offers themselves via job boards such as Indeed. Passive-seeking candidates are better reached via social media channels and online communities. Depending on the percentages, you may want to spend more on certain media to ensure you attract ideal candidates faster.

Sign up for a Job Marketing subscription to use Labor Market Insights

You can benefit from all the new updates to Job Marketing immediately and without a subscription. However, only Silver and Gold subscribers have access to Labor Market Insights for even more convincing job ads and job descriptions. 

Use Labor Market Insights free until December 31, 2021 when you sign up for a Bronze subscription!

Bottom line: save time and money analyzing and sourcing the industry's best talent

With the simplified Target Audience Builder, the optimized media marketplace and new search & filters, the Job Marketing now makes it even easier to advertise open positions to the right target group fast and efficiently. 

Complemented with the Labour Market Insights dashboard, you know exactly what to look for when posting job ads to get the target group excited about your job opportunities. The data provided can help you to convince candidates in the job description as well as to choose the most suitable online media combined with VONQ’s already stellar data-driven recommendations. 

You’re not using Job Marketing for data-driven campaigns yet?

Then get a first impression and put Job Marketing to the test. Our experts are happy to guide you through the easy-to-use platform in a 30-minute demo.

Kacey Ende
Head of Marketing