How GRN generated over 800 applicants in 12 months

Using data-driven job advertising to hire physicians, nurses & medical staff

Overcoming hiring challenges in the healthcare sector

Just imagine you are in charge of attracting a high number of candidates in a sector notorious for a shortage of skilled workers — and if that wouldn’t be too much, you have to do it under pressure because the quality of the healthcare provided depends on it. What would you do? Well, here’s what Julia Rupp, Human Resources Manager at GRN did.

Health in focus, people at the heart of our actions.

As a recruiter, Julian Rupp is on the lookout for the most qualified candidates in the industry. The open positions range from administrative staff and trainees to registered nurses and specialist physicians. 

Challenges at a glance

High demand for skilled workers & attracting fresh applicants 

“We’re always looking to hire nurses. Overall, we look for more than 1,200 candidates a year across our facilities, in a range of healthcare fields. To meet this demand, we need to position ourselves as a desirable employer in the market, have a permanent presence and reach candidates through the right media.” – Julian Rupp, HR Manager

Gaining points with applicants & maximizing the hiring budget

“We need to communicate the right points online to score with candidates and stand out from the competition. Personally, it was important to me to have visibility into how the chosen media were performing; were they delivering applicants. This is the best way to optimize our recruiting budget, to see what works and which media we can forget.”  

– Julian Rupp, HR Manager

More data for more convincing applicant journeys 

“It’s important for us to see at which touchpoints we need to further optimize our campaigns. Before working with VONQ we lacked the relevant data to measure and analyze key performance indicators.” – Julian Rupp, HR Manager

How does the solution with VONQ work?

1. Data-driven media recommendations with Job Marketing

Even before Julian Rupp joined GRN as a human resources manager, the healthcare association was using VONQ’s data-driven technology to post and advertise open positions. The healthcare association uses VONQs Job Marketing together with the Campaign Performance Add-on and Career Site Connector.

Based on relevant candidate profile information, such as job title and location, the platform algorithm recommends the media best suited to reach the target audience, based on data from other comparable job advertising campaigns.

Access to a wider & more diverse candidate pool

2.  Increase in quality applicants

VONQ has the largest media portfolio worldwide with more than 2500 channels, covering popular job boards, niche websites, social media channels and search engines advertising as well as online communities and hubs. “VONQ’s data-driven approach helps us choose the right mix of job boards, niche websites and social channels,” explains Julian.

Improving job descriptions

3. Putting the candidates’ view first in job ads

“VONQ takes time for us. The interviews and consultations are always hands-on. Our requests are always responded to immediately.” – Julian Rupp, HR Manager.

VONQ also supports GRN in optimizing the text in job ads. Additional services, such as the creation or editing of job ads, can be booked directly in the platform, making it easy and fast to get the job ads in top quality because publishing them. The variety of candidate profiles hired by GRN healthcare centers calls for an individual approach to the target audiences in the ads and job descriptions. GRN relies on the expertise of VONQ’s consultants to support in the creation and optimizing of each post.

Data tells the story of the applicant journey

4. Transparent performance data with Campaign Performance 

GRN uses the Campaign Performance report in Job Marketing to quickly and easily identify which media are delivering applicants as well as to analyze data on applicant behavior, such as page views, clicks and applications submitted per channel. The data is shown in an easy-to-understand dashboard, covering the journey from visitor to applicant. 

“VONQ’s recruitment marketing expertise and insider tips help us understand which job profiles are best reached via social media and when we should more likely rely on popular job boards. Together with the data along the entire applicant journey we can always see where there is a need for optimization in the process. As a result, we significantly shortened our time-to-hire.” – Julian Rupp, HR Manager

GRN’s campaign results in numbers

The ads published via Job Marketing for the Medical Assistant Trainee position generated 518 clicks total, with 252 clicks from social media ads and 266 clicks from job boards. Through these ads, GRN received 30 applications.

For the HR Administrative Assistant position the company generated 1,032 visitors to the career page and a total of 958 clicks on the job post across social media and job boards. This resulted in a total of 131 applicants.

209 clicks were generated via the channels used to advertise the position of Assistant Physician Gynecology & Obstetrics, of which 69 applicants were generated. This corresponds to an above average click-to-applicant rate of 33 %.

Counteracting the shortage of skilled workers: reaching passive candidates

Email marketing to create awareness

In order to draw the attention of passive candidates, meaning people who are not actively looking for a new job, GRN uses email marketing. Depending on the open positions around 200 potential candidates are informed by email about new job openings. 

From 191 recipients of the email about the available Accounts Receivable position, 111 people opened the email, which corresponds to an excellent 58% open rate. This means GRN is performing well above the average email open rate of 20 – 25%. 

A further 112 people were emailed about the vacancy for the Strategic Procurement position. With this email, GRN Healthcare Centers topped their stellar open rate of 58%, reaching 62%.

Social media to make a lasting employer brand impression

When it comes to attracting nurses and doctors, social media channels prove to be very effective. Since social media is not only a text medium, but above all a visual one, VONQ’s experts pay attention to a target-group-oriented approach in the ads, including compelling imagery. 

With the social media ad for Senior Physician Internal Medicine in the city of Eberbach, the company achieved 34,967 impressions and 221 clicks.

The social media ad for the Geriatric Nurse or Healthcare Nurse, GRN generated 441 clicks to the job description on their career page. 

The top 3 performing media

What impact does working with VONQ have on hiring success?

GRN Healthcare Centers and VONQ share a team-spirit relationship and have been celebrating hiring successes for GRN since 2018. 

So far, GRN have advertised 211 jobs through Job Marketing.

"I’m very satisfied with the collaboration. Both professionally and personally, VONQ and GRN are on the same level - the complete package just fits. A great team you can rely on!"

Julian Rupp HR Manager

Overall recruitment marketing performance 2020

In 2020, GRN used 314 channels to reach the relevant target groups for their open positions. Through these, the company received over 66,000 clicks to the published job descriptions on its career site, resulting in 800 applicants in just one year. 

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